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Who knows what book I'm talking about?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) October 9th, 2010

I read it in high school. It historical fiction was set in World War 2 Poland, I believe. There were two stories going on. One was about blowing up a supply train to the Nazis and the other story was about a nurse, I think, who works in a hospital. I remember the supply train story was about a group of Jewish people hiding out in the country. The other story had a TB or Typhoid quarrantine. There was a young Nazi soldier who didn’t want to go back to the front lines. It was about taking a passive action and an agressive action and how those strategies work.

I swear it was called Night Trains, but the Internet disagrees with me.

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I believe you many be talking about Le front de l’art, a book by Rose Valland. The movie made from the book is called The Train

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I wish it was that. It sounds neat. But the author, I do remember, was a man and there wasn’t any art in it.

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Night Trains by Arthur Chrenkoff maybe?

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I agree with jeff; it’s probably Chrenkoff’s work.

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Nope, there wasn’t any supernatural stuff in it either. But, thanks for the suggestion.

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Thanks so much to everyone for helping, but I did indeed find it. I was simply called Night. It’s by Elie Wiesel. Turns out it was in Oprah’s book club a few years ago.
I might check out your suggestions, too. :) Danke!

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