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A man of 84yr and a woman of 24yr if true love abounds what could be wrong with that?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (20307 points ) December 27th, 2010

Hugh Hefner is engaged again to marry Crystal Harris a woman 60yr his junior. Many would say he is old enough to be her grandfather and even his oldest sons would be too old for her to marry. Now focus and forget it is Hef but anybody one often don’t choose where love or how love finds them, so just because one’s love (or who they really believe it is) was not even born when they graduated high school why is that all bad? What could be the biggest pitfall in a relationship with that big of a spread that can’t attack relationships of people closer the same age, excluding health which can still hit younger people? It won’t make cheating worse or anything like that, it might make cheating less because no one will want to steal a man from a woman when he is old enough to be her father. Outside the usual and expected health issues what else is there?

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he’s got plenty of money and blue pills to keep her happy.

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Probably no chance of a sex life, or a minimal one at best. They wouldn’t have much in common. Maybe Hef is more techno savvy than the average 84 year old, but I can’t imagine that she would be on facebook and twitter and he would be understanding all of that. Her interests could not possibly be his interests. Most 24 year olds want to go out and have fun and party, most 84 year olds want to be in bed by 10 p.m. Just a few differences that come to mind.
@zenvelo There are not enough blue pills to make me want to marry an 84 year old!

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Pretty hefty age spread, but what’s an age difference when two people are in love and want to be together and are willing to work to make it work.

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@chyna chacun a son gout. But Hef’s sex life at his age is still legendary according to recent reports, although pill assisted. And he still parties every day! that’s what life at the mansion is about!

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@zenvelo I know the op mentioned Hef in this question, but went on to say “forget about Hef, but anybody else. I based my answer on that.

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One potential downside could be that any offspring would resemble a kind of mutation of Gollum & The Grinch! Aww bless, gotta love em.

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@chyna well,outside of Hef, the whole concept is pretty ridiculous, unless you’re Anna Nicole Smith. But Howard Marshall was 62 years older than Anna Nicole, and we’re talking a 60 yr difference. Maybe those two years are critical! ;>)

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@zenvelo Yes! And again, we all know it most likely wasn’t love, it was money. I don’t really see that kind of an age difference happening in normal, non-rich people.

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Hef and Howard has what could be seen as an advantage…being gripped big enough to choke 5 T-Rexes. But what if they were just some senior dudes that retired from the bus company or the loading dock and they just happen to meet this great young woman and she for her own reasons digged then and they decided to give it ago where money would not play into it, with no ”-“golddigger” claims why can’t they be happy?

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I don’t think anything is wrong with that if they’re in love. They’re humans after all, and they deserve to be in love, who cares if people think they’re not fit for each other? People judge too much.

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@chyna I’m with you on the sex life issue. She deserves better than what an 84 year old can deliver. Other than that, most of the other issues wouldn’t concern me if they’re walking into it with their eyes open.

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And if she is a very physical kind of gal that likes to ski, run, bike, canoe, etc., those are things he won’t be able to do with her. I think if she did love him and marry him with eyes wide open, after awhile, their differences would wear on her.

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@chyna Those are also excellent points. I was thinking physical as in sex, but there’s more to it than that.

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Hugh Hefner is the biggest narcissist to ever come down the pike, and, there is no shortage of young female wannabe starlets in his stable.

True love?

Highly doubtful, it COULD happen, but, ya know…possibility vs. probability.

Most likely an arrangement of conveinance that suits all parties involved.

I certainly could love the heart and soul of an ancient man, but..I’d prefer to have more in common than soup and keeping track of someones poly grip. lol

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I’m sure she’s hoping to be the last one before he dies, so she can inherit his fortune. And let’s face it, she won’t have to put up with it for too many years.

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Thank you God! I hope this is the beginning of a trend.

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I dunno..the whole ‘gold digger’ thing is such an alien concept to me.
I could never PRETEND to care for someone if I didn’t really feel it just for some sort of social boost, money, whatever.

Guess that’s what separates those with conscience and those without. ?

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I don’t think Hef’s marriage is for love but I also don’t care about his actions. If a random 84 year old man and a 24 year old woman were to fall in love, no one should say a thing. The reason people do is because they have assumptions as to why that match would occur but I find it ironic because it’s not like matched between evenly aged people occur for love these days.

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More power to them.

I don’t give two shits who marries or bangs who as long as it’s all consensual and they don’t push it on me.

Liberty, and all that jazz, ya know?

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being Hef i assumed that anybody that married him did it for the money.

if it were a regular Joe, i would think that a young girl marrying an old geezer might have daddy issues (or granddaddy issues, or in this case great grandaddy issues).

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And on the extremely practical side, if he lives very long at all, say even 10 years, she will be a young woman with normal bodily urges for her age taking care of a debilitated old man. It gets even more complicated if you add little kids to the mix. My daughter did that, and now they have two little girls. Mentally he’s still young, but physically he’s an old guy with all the physical problems that go with it. Their marriage didn’t survive, but that was largely because he was not willing to be responsible and get a job (yes, even old geezers can still work).

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There’s a great quote on the side of Starbucks cups at the moment, which reads: “People think we’re an odd couple, but we only think it’s odd when we’re apart.” If it’s true love, then ‘nuff said. :-)

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Its all about the money. period.

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I’m all for age gap relationships (I’m in one myself although, not a 60yr one) and believe that they can work as well as, if not better than relationships where the couple are the same age. However, I would be a little more convinced that this one was genuinly love on her part if he wasn’t a multi-millionaire.

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I is all B.S. If Hefner didn’t have any money the girl wouldn’t even think about marrying him. Some women are optimistic and are pretty sure that the sex will kill the old guy and they’ll be left with the bulk of his money. She’s just a hooker and he’s an old fool. I truly don’t care what they do and this is probably all I have to say about the subject.

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