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Have you seen this commercial starring one of our own?

Asked by augustlan (47178 points ) February 4th, 2013

Our very own andrew (one of Fluther’s founders) is starring in this Blackberry ad, which aired during the Super Bowl. Congrats, Andrew!

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That’s so cool! Who knew there were such cute guys on Fluther!!

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I saw it when it aired, but didn’t relaize that it was Andrew until this morning. Pretty cool.

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Super cool! Thank you for sharing this.

I wish I could turn a truck into rubber duckies…

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Wow, that’s great! Nice one @andrew! (Thanks for sharing @augustlan)!

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So, are they working on the truck-into-ducks feature?

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@filmfann I’m holding out for the firefighting app.

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Does that mean we’re all one degree closer to Kevin Bacon ? ? ? ?

Thanx @augustlan !

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That is just ducky! That’s for sharing this super ad, @augustlan!

I wound up watching more than half of the Superbowl, even though that’s not “normal” for me, and I remember seeing this commercial.

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cool, even though the commercial’s message was wasted on me.

Andrew makes this silly commercial look good. :-)

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Congratulations, @andrew! Really one of the best of this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads.

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Saw the commerical but I didn’t realize it was Andrew. Congratulations Andrew. Yeahhhhh!

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Yep, I noticed that. And darned good job he did.

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He’s managed to tame his hair, too. I also did not recognize him.

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Yay @andrew! That is awesome!

Somehow, I can’t believe that he’s had to resort to <gasp> acting to make ends meet…

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@glacial How do you know it is resorting? Maybe he thought it was just a cool thing to do.

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@JLeslie That was a joke.

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That is awesome.

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Does this mean Fluther will get a facelift?

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Fantastic I thought it was cute.

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Andrew is just as cute in person. Just sayin’

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Dude, that’s awesome. :)
And I agree with everyone who says he’s cute!

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He’s Hawt!

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Well, the commercial was kind of stupid, but Andrew was great :)

Very convincing acting.

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I’m struggling at remembering a non stupid commercial. I thought it was mandatory and important to the success of the product.

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My husband is asleep so I can’t watch it without waking him up. Will someone please say something tomorrow morning so this shows up in my feed again and I don’t forget?

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Awww, I’d much rather watch Andrew than feed the troll.

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That’s really awesome. I saw that commercial and would never have thought I was looking at someone I could relate to. Awesome I tell ya! Just awesome. Thanks for sharing.
@Judi headphones are a godsend for me. I don’t like disturbing others either.:-)

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@AmWiser, that’s a great idea but I’m in a hotel right now. Can’t turn on the light to find them. Tomorrow I’m going to Disneyworld!

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Well, Andrew sure looks like a very handsome young Tom Hanks. And if he could act, he could do well as an actor.

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Brilliant x 100!!!!!!!!!! Great, I hope he becomes a regular in more commercials!

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Oh my! This makes me proud to say that i am a Jelly. Kind of the same as “I knew him when”

Nice Job!

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@mazingerz88 Andrew is an actor.

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@janbb. I did think he looked familiar.

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Here’s another ad you may have seen him in.

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@janbb Really? Tom Hanks is one of my favorites and I miss his kind of charisma and energy as a younger actor. His son Colin does not have it, it seems. Was fantasizing on a sequel to Splash a while ago. Allen and Madison a year later. Andrew would do well as Allen, imo.

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That is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

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I heard the commercial when it aired, but wasn’t watching. Andrew looks good! The commercial could have been edited/directed better, though.

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