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Do you have any phobias?

Asked by anniereborn (3912 points ) January 1st, 2014

Not just something you don’t like very much. Something that sends your heart pounding into an anxiety attack?
I do have one. I have a fear of being somewhere that doesn’t have a toilet. It doesn’t have to be a “real” toilet. An outhouse or porta potty will do. (Not that I like those, but they work).
It doesn’t hinder me too much, but there are place I just won’t go.

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@anniereborn You must dread being in a CVS then, huh?

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I have a powerful pizza anxiety in which the pizza guy forgets my address and phone number… it also applies to diploma exams , waiting in waiting rooms, and waiting for cabs.

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@dxs – Once, whilst heavily pregnant, I got a CVS manager to allow me to use their restroom. It was like they were opening Fort Knox. I’m pretty sure retinas were scanned.

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I’m afraid of heights.

@anniereborn: your phobia is such that you wear diapers even though you don’t have incontinence? I saw you wrote that on another thread.

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WHOA! The secret lav! I need to find it someday. Is there a gold throne?

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No, but I’m sure it smelled lovely, as it triggered my gag reflex even further. Those were not fun days.

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Ophidiophobia. I’m terrified of snakes. Whenever I see a picture or see a glimpse of them on TV I freak out. Infact I’m scared of everything that crawls.

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Oh! I should answer the question, no?

I don’t like talking on the phone. It actually triggers my fight-or-flight. I prefer getting a robot over a person when I have to make a call somewhere. I just can’t stand not being able to see the faces of the person I’m talking to. I feel like it puts me at a disadvantage, because they could be saying one thing with their words and a very different thing with their faces and body language.

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Heights.. Big-time. I mean it is bad enough that I cant stand on a chair to change a lightbulb. Do not ask me to be your partner on The Amazing Race.

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No major phobias but, I do have a strong aversion to people vomiting. Blech! Don’t throw up around me I will not hold your head or hand. lol

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I hate heights, too. There’s an Embassy Suites building that I always meander around in downtown that has a 20 STORY atrium. The whole building is open on the inside and I always go onto the 20th floor just to freak myself out by looking down at the lobby ~200 feet below. The worst part—the three foot ledge on the 20th floor wobbles like crazy! Scariest thing ever when I first touched the ledge…thought I was gonna die. No way can a 20 story atrium be legal nowadays. It must violate a fire code at least. It’s real nice looking, though.
I get this scary pressure and adrenaline to jump off a high ledge whenever I’m near one. I’m not suicidal or anything…I can’t explain the sensation.

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Spiders used to make me absolutely crazy. I would say that if you wanted to drive me completely insane just lock me in a room with a daddy long leg spider with no way out and you could call the men in white coats to cart me away.
I don’t know why, maybe since I’ve had kids but I can tolerate and even kill them now.
I still dislike them. Something about not being able to see their eyes.

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For those of you that fear heights, I was here a few years ago, pretty wild view from the top.

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I don’t know if I have any true phobias. I am afraid of spiders, but not to the point where I will freak out if I see one. Spiders convene at my vacation home at Tahoe—a true arachnophobe would not able to set foot in that house.

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The fear of flying, which encompasses multiple phobias in one compact package. Fear of heights, fear of falling, fear of being in super enclosed spaces, fear of not being able to use the bathroom.

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For those Who fear heights, I recommend the rides at the top of the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas. You really feel like you’re going to shoot right off the top of this 100 story building or however tall it is.

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@jca I’ve been up there! It took me about a half an hour of clinging to the elevator door to venture out onto the inside circle. Ultimately, I was able to walk out onto the outside balcony, but I almost sh*t myself when I realized that there were dropping rides that went up, or dangled on the outside edge of the tower. I would rather commit suicide than to go on any of those rides.

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@jca :: I will do that if you are below and I can vomit on you.

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Wasps. In the car. While I’m driving. Flying around my crotch.

I almost wrecked my car twice while experiencing this scenario

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@johnpowell I’ve been to the top, too, but was too chicken to ride the rides.
That’s another thing I hate…elevators. I’ve been stuck in one alone more than once.

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@jca My phobia is such that I did that one time you saw mentioned, yes.

But in the past, I have worn feminine pads when I was gonna be out and about for a long time, “just in case”

I have had this phobia for about 20 years now. But I am on psych meds now and have been for 17 years. Since then I have not actually had any panic attacks. Before that, I used to get them terribly.

P.S. I don’t think we even have a CVS here. I always go to the little drugstore near here or Walgreens.

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I’m afraid of psychedelic drugs (prefer to call them sacred medicines). Even though they have impossibly low LD50 ratings. I know they won’t harm me physically. But I’m terribly afeared of the monsters I might find on the other side. Which sucks because I really want to trip hard one day in a guided Shamanistic ritual.

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I have a phobia of vomiting. Anything about it. I’m scared of doing it myself, of other people doing it, of hearing or seeing other people doing it, of even being near someone who has recently done it or been near someone who has. I can’t explain it, but I’ve had this phobia since elementary school, and in the past it has been so severe at times that I’ve been afraid to eat because I thought it might make me throw up. I also used to constantly carry around a deep tupperware container everywhere with me, on the off chance that I might have to suddenly vomit. I might be a good friend, but if one of my friends ever starts throwing up I will be out of the room in a millisecond, none of this “holding their hair back” nonsense. Even right now I’m feeling a little bit of anxiety because my stomach feels a bit uneasy.

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Social phobia and fear of being put on the spot. This includes answering or making phone calls. I was also happy to hear that my mother did not want a funeral or visitation. I was not looking forward to having a bunch of people and relatives I rarely see telling me how sorry they were for my loss. The thought of dealing with this made me nauseous. I want to mourn privately.

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@mangeons awww, I am so sorry to hear that. I have heard of that phobia before. I can relate in some ways. I used to carry something like a tupperware container in my car in case I had to urinate real bad and I had nowhere to stop at for miles and miles.
(never used it tho, it was just a mental security blanket)

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@johnpowell: Why, thank you.

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I’m a bit of an hypochondriac and I also suffer from ringaphobia, the fear of getting bad-news telephone calls in the dead of night.

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No phobias, but after run-ins with leeches in Laos, I’m very much not fond of them.

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I have a lot of phobias, but most of them just disappears as I grows up. There are two phobias that seem to persist with time.
– Fear of cockroaches: cockroaches associate with a very bad childhood’s memory of mine. I can never get into a room with a cockroach inside.
– Fear of exam results: I always feel sick whenever someone start to announce exam results. I hope it will disappear after I leave school.

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Definately heights, but I don’t lock up, I push through it so not anything that causes panic. I have panicked and locked up during public speaking twice.

Recent studies have cast doubt on this explanation;[2] fear of falling, along with fear of loud noises, is one of the most commonly suggested inborn or non-associative fears. The newer non-association theory is that fear of heights is an evolved adaptation to a world where falls posed a significant danger. The degree of fear varies and the term phobia is reserved for those at the extreme end of the spectrum. Researchers have argued that fear of heights is an instinct found in many mammals, including domestic animals and human beings.

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I used to have a real phobia about heights but a visit to the CN Tower in Toronto, and walking on the glass floor, totally cured that. It was very odd. I looked down through the glass and had this feeling that I wasn’t standing upright but slowly tipping forward. I had to sit down to stop the vertigo but once I was on the floor I was completely comfortable about it. And since that day, heights haven’t bothered me one bit. I even went abseiling last year with a group of friends, off a 94-foot viaduct. I enjoyed it so much that when we were asked if anyone wanted another go, I was first up.

I have no other phobias.

Also, fear of falling is the only phobia that babies are born with.

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I have a fear for spiders. We have really ugly spiders around here…

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Large crowds and wasps.

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