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If you were homeless and someone gave you $1, how would you spend it?

Asked by starbux (39 points ) October 8th, 2009

If you were living on the street, what would be the best way to spend the small amounts of money that you managed to collect from strangers? If you hold onto too much cash for too long, you may be robbed – so you have to spend it strategically. The question is how best to.

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I’d spend it on malt liquor. That or I would hustle 9 more sucker s for a buck and get a dime piece of crack. Thats how it is for 90% of the spare me a dollar guys.

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I would buy an Arizona Tea which is only $.99, quench my thirst and ask the next person for some money. I would spend small amounts of money buying only necessary food, and having the rest of the money get me to where I need to go to gain more money. Only would I spend money if I had to, it would be easy for me to walk into any fast food place and ask for any type of free food.

hahaha a bunch of my good friends are travelers so I would know what to do

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probably a McDonald’s Cheeseburger or a tall boy.

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@buster oh really? Do you speak for 90% of homeless people?

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@alyxcaitlyn what about tax?

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@XOIIO nope, I buy teas daily and the amount is exactly $.99; no tax

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Depends on if I had eaten anything lately. If I had, I’d buy some soap and clean up, then try to get a job somewhere. Also depends on how long I’ve been homeless. If I’m newly homeless, I may just save the dollar until I need a wash up, or just keep saving for an interview outfit from the Goodwill.

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I’d save it until i had enough $ to be like this guy

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@starbux Care to share the purpose of all these questions about homelessness?

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@augustlan Maybe he’s curious. The nature of the homeless is rather perplexing. I recently heard about a law passed in South Carolina about how panhandlers have to register with the city to panhandle “legally.” Apparently they had been hanging out at ATM machines and harassing passers-by for money!

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@perplexed82 Certainly possible, however we were speculating on another thread that maybe s/he’s writing a book. We’re curious, too. ;-)

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I would probably spend it on the “dollar menu.”

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I’d get vitamins. If I have to live off food that only costs a dollar, at least I can stay somewhat healthy.

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I would first thank the kind person who gave me the dollar and then I would put it with the rest of the money I would have saved up to start my life over again. All the while thanking God for kind people who are willing to help me out by giving away their own hard earned money to the needy. A dollar’s a dollar, sometimes thats all it takes…

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@holden Yes I speak for 90% of homeless people. They are that way because they are mentally ill an habitually self medicate. I’ve been in the streets most bums are a drug addict/ and possibly mentally ill 9 times out of 10. I know ive been there. Sure they eat food someone gives them or they dumpster dive but most bums money goes toward chemicals. Its like this in every major city in the U.S.

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Jack n The Box, 2 for .99 tacos!

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@buster then you’re finding the wrong homeless people, hahah if that makes sense. I know pleny of people who are homeless and they would never touch crack or whatever you mentioned. Don’t speak for 90% of them, because that’s not true. I know a lot of travelers and not one of them have a mental illness. All of them are young, healthy and loving life!

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Having been homeless does not qualify you to be the spokesperson of homeless people. And to call all homeless people bums is a gross mischaracterization of the many who are not.

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Now that the mortgage industry has been reformed, I’d use it to make a down payment on a new house.

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I would save it for the eventual purchase of a laptop, then find a nice cozy coffee shop where free internet access is available (what’s that called, “wifi” or something? I’ve only ever owned desktops). I would then proceed to ask a multitude of questions on relatively obscure websites for research purposes in order to finish the book I’m writing/class I’m taking on urban survival in large cities – specifically during the upcoming winter.

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I think that I would go and get a small thing of fries, or mabey even a pack of gum.

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I’m suspicious about @starbux approach of using Fluther. There’s also this other question. What do the moderators think?

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@buster Sorry. You’re definitely not 90% of all homeless people. Maybe when you were homeless you did crack, but don’t speak for everyone else. That said, I’d probably save it.

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@mattbrowne Now he has another question…He never returns to discuss. Do I smell a troll?

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@SpatzieLover I don’t know… trolls aren’t homeless, they live under bridges, ha ha!!

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@mattbrowne Now it’s up to 5 questions. I think I’ll pass on doing someone else’s homework.
@scamp Lurve!

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[mod says] Lets stick to the topic at hand. Thanks!

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Probably because I PMd him, and asked for clarification. :(

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@augustlan Thank you! A few of us were commenting on why he/she wouldn’t come back

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I hope he found the help he needed if he really was struggling on the streets.

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It’s good to have some clarification. The homeless people need all our support!

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bus fare to the soup kitchen

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Stock Market. Japan Airlines is cheap right now. When it opens Monday and rises due to the bailout, I will have $2! Then I can buy a tea cup and make snide remarks at all the ‘poor’ homeless people while sipping dishwater.

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as much as I could get from taco bell or a McDonalds burger.

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