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If you were in an airplane that was diving towards the earth and you knew you were going to die, what would the one thing you would regret?

Asked by steelerspilot (180 points ) October 11th, 2009 from iPhone

I ask this question trying to think about everyone who has ever died in a plane crash. I wonder what they were thinking. What would you regret doing in your life? How did this affect your life.

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Getting on that damn plane.

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I would regret not telling the girl I loved that I loved her. Life is too short to not tell someone you love them.

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I don’t know. Ask John Denver, Buddy Holly, or Otis Redding.

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Not taking a train.

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There are a few people who are important to me and who I love dearly, but, haven’t talked to in awhile (I just haven’t made the effort); I would think about them, and regret that I didn’t spend time with them.

It’s been a few months since I’d talked to my brother. I think that he’s due for a call.

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All of the time with loved ones that was wasted in ridiculous arguments that didn’t mean a damn thing in the end – or even after a couple of days.

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@Grisaille – that was my answer, except for the adjective.

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@Grisaille That was my answer :D Great minds think alike.

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@Grisaille I love you. Seriously.

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I too would regret getting on damned plane, or at least regretting not coming with a parashoot.

/edit Actually that would be impossible to jump out of one of those planes without getting smashed into the door or cut in two by the wings.

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not getting to see my daughter grow up.

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I would regret….Not tipping that skycap a twenty, having that crappy $1.50 hot dog as my last meal, and not ordering that third round at the airport bar.

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I would regret having soiled myself. I was brought up to believe that the worst thing that can befall a person is to be found dead with dirty underpants.

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I would regret always doing the right thing. I don’t mean that as bad as it sounds. There have been a couple occasions in my life when I didn’t have to take the high road but because I think I’m just programmed this way I did.

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@Grisaille 21 GA’s? lol

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Yeah, I don’t know how that happened

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I would only regret the things I didn’t get to do yet. No point in thinking about something you did that you cant change, aside maybe from getting on the plane. I would mostly just be sad about things I didn’t get to experience yet.

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I would regret not having enough sex.

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Not getting to see my daughters become women. Other than that… not a damn thing.

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Not being able to give my sister away at her wedding if and when she ever decides to get married….

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I would be too damn busy organising things in an attempt to survive the impact to worry about regrets.

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Not driving.

Seriously, not seeing my daughter graduate from high school, then college, then medical school. Not seeing if my son ever becomes gainfully employed and in what field. Not making sure my husband will be taken care of. Not having backup homes for my animals.

Otherwise, I would probably be saying “Oh, shit!,” grabbing my knees, and trying to remember where the exits are.

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Not consuming every one of the pills I always keep by my side with a couple of very stiff dry double martinis a good 30 minutes prior to the incident. and I hate martinis
See ya….Gary/wtf

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Got a pilot’s beginner lesson once. I’d regret not getting my license and landing the plane.

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Not taking the later flight!

@ratboy – I am sure I have used up all my lurve for you but I keep giving it anyhow, you are funny!

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I would regret every past instance of fear and timidity that kept me fron doing things I wanted to do.

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I would regret not smoking or drinking.

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Buying that plane ticket.

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I think just the future and plans. Maybe they were just silly dreams, and amount to nothing. I can always change. Funny, the future thru’ rose colored lenses. I here it’s the past for most. Dear ones what can I say, Sorry no one to unclogged the kitchen sink.

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