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My new kitten needs a name. What suggestions do you have?

Asked by wickedbetty (371 points ) October 17th, 2009

My kitten is a male. He is a very cute orange Siberian kitten. Very fluffy! He needs a really awesome name.

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Name it afters his color, thats what I did with my cats. Like Blacky.

wickedbetty's avatar he looks like this. ALSO he has extra toes!

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Orangy, Pinky or Greyie. Whatever color it is.

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If he has extra toes call him Feet!

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Cak- he is orange!

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Nāranja (the original Sanskrit for the color we call ‘orange’)

Vidor (it means ‘cheerful’ in Hungarian)

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Finn (Finnegan – meaning “fair-haired”)

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OJ—like the juice not the criminal.

Rum Tum Tiger—there’s a possibility of many nicknames with this one.

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@tinyfaery like from CATS?! <3

EDIT: Almost.

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Yes, but don’t forget T.S. Eliot.

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My ex and I had an orange tabby – Benny.

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William Blake!

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AIKO: little love; beloved
AKI: born in Autumn
AKIKO: autumn child; iris
AKINA: spring flower
ANDA: meet at the field; also a Japanese surname.
ANEKO: older sister
AYAME: iris
CHIKA: near
CHIKO: a unisexual name meaning “arrow; pledge.”
CHIYO: thousand years; eternal
CHO: butterfy
DAI: great
ERIKO: child with a collar
GIN: silvery
HANA: flower; blossom
HARU: born in the spring
HARUKO: spring child
HISA: long-lasting
HOSHI: star
HOSHIKO: star child
JUN’KO: meaning unknown
KAEDE: maple leaf
KAMEKO: child of the tortoise; symbol for long life
KAYA: adds a place of resting
KEI: rapture; reverence
KEIKO: adored one
KIMI: she who is without equal
KIOKO: happy child; meets the world with happiness
KITA: north
KOHANA: little flower
KOTO: harp
KUMI: braid; drawing together
KUMIKO: companion child
KUNI: meaning unknown
KURI: chestnut
KYOKO: mirror
LEIKO: arrogant
MACHIKO: fortunate child
MAEKO: honest child
MAEMI: smile of truth
MAI: brightness
MAIYA: surname meaning “rice valley
MARIKO: ball; circle
MARISE: infinite; endless
MASAKO: meaning unknown
MATSUKO: pine tree child
MICHIE: gateway; gracefully drooping flower
MICHIKO: child of beauty; the righteous way
MIDORI: green
MIKI: flower stalk
MINA: south
MITSU: surname meaning “shine; reflect.”
MIYA: three arrows; temple; sacred house
NAMI: wave
NARIKO: gentle child
NATSUKO: summer child
NIKKI: Unisexual name meaning “two trees.” Also a surname.
NORI, NORIKO: doctrine; child of ceremony; law; order
NYOKO: gem
OKI: middle of the ocean
ORINO: workman’s meadow
RAN: water lily
REI: gratitude
SACHIKO, SACHI: child of bliss
SAKURA: cherry blossoms
SATU: sugar
SHIKA: deer
SHINA: virtue; good
SHINO: stem of bamboo
SUKI: beloved
SUMI: clear; refined
SUZU: long-lived; crane
TAJI: Surname meaning “silver and yellow color.”
TAKA: tall; honorable
TAKARA: treasure; precious object
TAMAE: ball; bell
TAMI: let people see benefit
TAMIKA: people
TANAK: dweller
TAREE: bending branch
TAURA: many lakes; many rivers
TAYA: valley field
TOSHI: “mirror reflection” or “year of plenty”
TOYA: Surname meaning “house door” or “door into the valley.”
TSUYU, O-TSUYU: Morning dew
YUMIKO: arrow child
YONE, O-YONE: meaning unknown
YOSHIKO: good child
YUKIKO: snow child
YURIKO: “Lily child” or “village of birth.”

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Russ (Russell)

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He is absolutely gorgeous, orange tabbys or tigers (Is there a difference) were always my favorite and always seem to have the best personality, more people oriented and dog like.

Anyhow, I like tf’s Rum Tum Tiger.

The last one I had was named Boris Boom Boom Becker. (So named while Boris was still a tennis master, not a broom closet blow job kind of guy.)

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That, or Jesse


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Oscar especially if he is a little on the wilde side

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If he has a personality that reminds you of someone, you could name him after that person.

Or name him after a famous artist (Monet, Degas, O’Keefe, Dali), famous musician (Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Holst), famous author (Shakespeare, Goethe, Herodotus, Rowling), famous character (Puck, Harry, Ron, Crookshanks, Scrimgeour) or similar.

Since he’s got lots of hair, you could call him Picard for irony’s sake.

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grumpyfish? =)

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I’ve always wanted to call a pet “Lunch”.

Not, obviously, because I want to eat my pets, but more for the effect that it will have on those who hear me use the name – I’m sure the pet neither knows nor cares why it is called what it is.

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Sweet pea.

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Before I read @tinyfaery‘s answer, I was thinking of “Macavity” from T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.

He looks like a Macavity to me.

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Yellow :) or Mr Magoo :)

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Call him Ernest since he’s a Hemingway cat.

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If he’s your first cat, call him Number 1

LOL star trek referance

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I really like the show Glee.. I am having a hard time finding a name from that that could work…. HELP ME PLEASE

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Finn (as suggested above by another poster) would probably work well, as in “Finn” from Glee, as per the OP’s request.

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Call him Mike, because then whenever you can’t find him, you can say “Where’s Mike at?”

get it?

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@andrew Nice one. Though I must say I like Hemingway as a name better than Ernest.

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@janbb Skimbleshanks was a orange tabby in that book. [:

@wickedbetty any of the names from Glee would work.. I like Dijon, personally.

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Rooster. My daughter’s suggestion.

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@MissAusten I love her suggestion.. I like to name animals with other animals names. I had a cat named turtle once.

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@404cassie – And you can use Moe as a nickname!

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Macavity, or Mungojerrie from Cats

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this is to test if I can use an emojii icon as a link

Number one is a google search for good names.

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@MissAusten We had a ‘porch cat’ (neighborhood stray) named Rooster! Orange, too. He turned out to be a she, though. A neighbor adopted her, and changed her name.

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This particular thread on reddit had about a zillion great (and hilarous) cat names;

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Mr. Orange
Let us kow what you decide!

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Confuse the hell out of everyone. Call him “Fido”.

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Gosh nobody has said Oliver yet?

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How about Gelato?

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@404cassie – I like Cosmo. It makes me think of Donald O’ Connor in Singin’ In The Rain. And Donald was a ginger with interesting feet!

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I LOVE THE NAME COSMO! We are HUGE BYU Cougars Fans! The mascot is COSMO!

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@Saturated_Brain – we named our kitten Oliver, got him about a year ago. He’s extremely cute, but kind of a shithead.

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I still think Gelato is a good name, that way he’s orange gelato!

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Squeak, Flash, Azlan, Walnut, Snug

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what is this kitten now called?? Do we know yet?? I can’t wait to find out x

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