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For those who are spiritual and/or religious, why didn't you go to church this (Sunday) morning?

Asked by prolificus (6583points) October 10th, 2010 from iPhone

I’ve lots of reasons why I didn’t go, ranging from being too tired, to questioning why I go to church in the first place.

In the past five months, I’ve gone to less than five services. This time last year, I attended church on a weekly basis. I go through cycles of not wanting to go, and a lot has to do with an on-going self-evaluation of my beliefs.

What’s your experience with church attendance?

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I am not spiritual or religious, so of course I don’t attend church anymore. However, when I was Catholic I went every week. Towards the “end”, I would go more and more sporadically. I found that it was guilt driving me to go, not so much a desire to really be there.
However, now that I’ve spent the majority of my life (not all that long, but still the majority) as a nonbeliever.. I don’t mind going to church every now and then. It is kind of a nice, refreshing, uplifting experience when there is no guilt or adherence attached. I’ve come to learn in the last few years that I prefer Methodist churches. The atmosphere is pretty comfortable there. I was raised Byzantine Catholic, and I’m alright with attending a Catholic mass, but it really isn’t for me. I don’t believe what they teach in church, but I do enjoy the atmosphere once in a while. There is a great sense of community in a church service, I can easily see what people get out of it. I do like that on occasion.. but today was just no one of those days. :)

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I have a burgeoning spiritual side that has been developing lately, but it’s not the kind of spirituality that blossoms in a church. More like the kind that develops through personal reflection and contemplation.

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I am spiritual, but I don’t attend any regular religious services. That’s not where I get my spirituality from. The regular organized religions of today simply don’t feed my soul.

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I belong to the same denomination as @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard. You don’t need a religious club or a handbook.

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My religion doesn’t have churches. The world is our church and we can worship every day. :)

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I didn’t go today because my church has service on Saturday night. I love the church I attend. It’s very warm and welcoming.

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It got in the way of 10:10:10 at 10/10/10 today. 10.

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I was asleep >.>

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I don’t go to church, because I have yet to find one in my community where the people are welcoming and/or agree with my stance on my religion. If I found one I would totally go.

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@Fred931 LOL.

From your link:

“Welcome random search engine visitor. Many philosophies believe that you somehow ended up on this page for a reason. It is not known if it is the result of predestination, random chance, fate, a higher power, or something else.”

Does everything happen for a reason? Could that mysterious “something else” be ... could it be @Fred931?

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Because I can’t stand any of the Buddhist Temples in my area. I mean, I disagree with a lot of their philosophies, but I really can’t stand how they aren’t free. I mean, I may have a lot of issues with Christianity, but at least none of the churches have ever made me pay before entering Sunday Service. Plus, I don’t know if any of them have a Sunday Service type of thing or if it’s at a different time.

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What’s your experience with church attendance?
When I stopped going to church, my excuse was usually work. I managed to arrange to work or go out with my girlfriend for several weeks in a row, without having to explicitly state that I just didn’t want to be there. I wanted to make it easier on my parents, so they could get used to going without me. In the end it wasn’t easy, but I eventually told them I didn’t want to go because I didn’t see a need to pay homage to a being that probably doesn’t exist.

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Not religious, but I thought people might be interested to know that the reason the early Christians and Jews met for church or temple was because books were so rare few people could study scripture on their own. They needed to gather in groups to have the holy books read to them. Also, almost everyone was illiterate so even if scripture had been available to read they still couldn’t have read it on their own.

So assuming you have your particular scripture and can read the reasons that God instructed his worshipers to participate in public readings no longer apply to you. Though he would probably still like public adoration, gods are suckers for that.

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@fundevogel To quote a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory “I do not object to the idea of a deity, but I am puzzled by the notion of one who takes attendance.”

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Because Bahá’ís do not attend religious services on Sundays. Bahá’ís celebrate 19 Day Feast.

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I believe churchs are too political. You can believe in God and not go.

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I couldn’t have said it better!

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