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I love you guys.

Asked by timtrueman (5748points) October 10th, 2010

Can I get a hug?

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~ Now get some sleep. :)

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Awww.. HUUUGS!

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Have you been drinking again?

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No!! I can bump knuckles and that is it!!

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cyndi{{{hugs}}}you. (:

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I love you and your red-and-black striped shirt too!

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Right back atcha

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I’ll say it again too…I love @YARNLADY gimme a big hug. thats three loves for you from me

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Many super-deluxe, super special hugs pour vous! It’s the best I got. ;)

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how about five bucks or 3* lurve

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well o.k. /hugs

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Tim, you’ve been working so hard at making Fluther better than ever… of course we love you. Hugs to you, friend! Now, go take a nap. :)

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I love you. In 17 days I get to give you a real hug.

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Most certainly you can [[[[[[[[[HHHHUUUUUGGGGGG]]]]]]] :))))

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Oh stop it! :¬)..........or should that be :¬(

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{{{BIG HUGS for Tim}}}

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Wow, some group hug going on here! Add me to it..
BTW, @timtrueman , are you still breathing in there?

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Lemme check today’s supply… yep, I’ve got an extra hug I can give you… here ya go… (((SIDE HUG)))

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{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Tim}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} (My right arm is a bit stronger than the left, sorry)

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((((((HUGS)))))) Just the thing I needed to see this morning (the group hug part). :)

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New day, new hugs (((((((((((HUGS))))))))))

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Just a hug?! wow, you’re a cheap date…Awright,
(((((BEAR HUG)))))

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Of course you may have one! Thank you for all the work you have done on the updates. They truly are positive improvements. And thank you for keeping us in the loop, as well as asking for feedback and answering all of our questions. We all hoping that you are getting some well-deserved rest.

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Yay! Tim is not responding! He is taking a well- deserved day off.

Great job Tim with the conversion and a herd bug fixes!

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Tim, you have somehow managed to break my stoic exterior.
Now come get some sugar. /hug

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It’s not a question. Flagged.

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@zen_ ~ do not make me hurt you.~ ;)

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Did I write flagged? I meant flogged.

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I’m with @zen_ on this. It ain’t no Q.
Hows about I should express some affection, then ask for a pat on the back tomorrow? Then a tickle under the chin the day after. And so on and so on…., can’t really see my posts being around for long if I did. Rools is rools, isn’t they?

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Boy, bunch of party poopers we have here. Tim works really hard to make Fluther awesome, the least we can do is give him some virtual hugs, no?

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You guys have no idea some of the behind the scenes things that go on to make fluther work 24/7. It’s a stressful thing for the staff and moderators. I can’t believe they devote as much time as they do, but it makes me very happy to see how much love they put into this site. I wish I could give them all hugs.

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Yeah, I think we could cut Tim a little slack and let this slide. But there is the age old quandary…do we congratulate someone for doing their job?

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@J0E Well, I’d say the team goes beyond the normal duties of a job. Plus our moderators are doing this job without being paid. I understand your point, though.

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@J0E We congratulate someone for going above and beyond the call of duty.
This is what Tim did this weekend.

I remember last year when Andrew finally hit 10k right after I did. So many users gave him crap (in good nature) about taking so long. But the truth is that the guys are so busy keeping things going and improving stuff that they rarely have the time to enjoy the site they created.

Poor Ben won’t see 10k for another 3 years at the rate he works

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@J0E We don’t pay for this site. So I say, as far as we’re concerned, Tim and the rest of the staff are volunteers. I congratulate them for doing the job, and especially when everything seems to fuck up and they continue working their asses off.

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Hey, let’s not all jump on me, I’m just saying that’s why people are flagging it.

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Flags? ~ I see no flags. :)

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It doesn’t matter to me what the job is.. if I see someone doing it excellently, I will compliment them. Actually, I think most people should be congratulated on doing their jobs well – that’s the sort of motivation and appreciation that is lacking and would go a long way for most employees. And, the fact of the matter is, Tim does a hell of a lot of stuff behind the scenes that most people aren’t aware of and probably wouldn’t think to give him an ‘attaboy’ for.

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how do i see flags?

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@janedelila You can’t. Only the mods and the admins can see the flags.

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That’s not something Calvin would ever say. :p

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@Seaofclouds thanks. I was somewhat confused. And technically, a question was asked, in my opinion.

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I always wonder about why we tip the guy standing and cutting our hair, but not the guy standing and serving us fries. Why the waiter or busboy at a wedding gets whatever we decide, or not, but a waiter in a restaurant is almost guaranteed 15 percent (adjust according to your country, stinginess give or take 5 percent).

Why indeed do we congratulate some on simply doing their paid job? Have you thanked a policeman lately for giving you a ticket? Have you thanked the pilot for flying you?

Why do we fawn over the pool guy, plumber and electrician, but only turn to the teachers in complaint?

Why do fridge repairmen with all the education you can get from a cereal box (sorry) get more than a psychologist?

Why does the a/c guy make more than me – super-educated, qualified and experienced at what I do? Why?

Thank you Tim. Hugs. Thank you Andrew and Ben. Hugs. Thanks Auggie – for being awesome. But especially thanks to the mods – the unsung heros of fluther – who are volunteering their time to make this place, well, not

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Sure. As long as Lauren doesn’t kill me.

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@ducky_dnl HA! Hugs are innocent. :)

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@ducky_dnl What kind of hugs do you give?

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Sorry, no bro-hugs from me. Unless it’s under worthy circumstances.

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OK.., I don’t know about a “hug”, but I could maybe manage a brief shoulder rub.
Rub, rub, rub, pat.

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@erichw1504 This is a worthy circumstance! Guys need hugs too, you know!

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@erichw1504 Could you at least knuckle bump him?

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The testosterone aroma here is becoming a bit overpowering. ‘Fess up men…sometimes a hug is needed.

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I’m tellin’ ya, if a complete stranger came up to me and hugged me…on most days…it’d make my week.

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Complete Stranger huggin’ @cprevite because I can.

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awwww…thanks @chyna.

same time tomorrow?

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@free_fallin Okay. It will only be a quick three second hug though.. Just in case. :)

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@bob_ It depends on the person. (;

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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Hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs :)

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I have no emotional soul, so I’ve hired this penguin to administer said “hugs.”

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I can haz hugz?

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Hugs, hugs and more hugs.
And, a lil’ smooch on the cheek.

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@augustlan – HUUUUUUUUGS!!

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@YARNLADY That is adorable!

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It’s a new day, so here’s a new hug for @timtrueman

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