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Is it possible to get songs off my ipod back onto my computer?

Asked by Captain_Tetanus (205points) March 31st, 2008

My computer crashed and I lost a bunsh of songs. They’re still on my ipod, is there a way to get them back on my computer?

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Yeah, there’s a lot of programs online to do that. I wish I could recommend one, but I don’t know enough to. Someone else probably can.
Biggest question here is: Do you have a mac or a PC?

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1. Plug in your iPod.
2. From the Desktop, go to My Computer and find the iPod (usually designated by a drive letter. i e. E: or F:)
3. Open the damn thing.
4. Go to Tools > Folder Options > View (the tab) > scroll to Show Hidden Files and Folders and click it.
5. Click OK
6. Go back to your iPod folder/drive, there you will find a new folder called iPod_Control
7. Open it.
8. The Music folder in it will have a bunch of folders named F00, F01 and so on. THEY HAVE YOUR MP3s. Look through the folders to find your stuff.

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P.S.- the names of all the songs will come up only when you finally add the folder into iTunes

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i have a pc, and an ipod nano

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I have a PC and I did those

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Great answer from amandaafoote. I’d just add that if you turn iTunes’ “Keep iTunes Music folder organized” option on, when you add the folder to iTunes, it will rename all of the MP3s and folders from F00 etc to something human-readable and useful. (That option is under Advanced > General).

Or, if you happen to be on Windows, you can copy the folder the way she said, but then use a program like Tag&Rename to fix the file names for you.

Also, one program that’s done a good job of getting music off my/friends’ iPods for me in the past, without having to use iTunes at all, is YamiPod. It’s free; it runs on Mac, Windows and Linux; you can put it on your iPod and run it directly from there on any computer (no need to install it first); you can play your music using it, right off the iPod; and it’ll let you copy just a part of your library off the iPod, including renaming the files for you.

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the program idump will allow you to get songs from your ipod also..

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I would use Senuti, provided you own a Mac.

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