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Does the weather effect your moods?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15285points) October 13th, 2010

It’s fall all over the USA now and most everyone is having great weather now. I’ve noticed on a political site that I’ve been blogging on for over 15 years that even the Republicans and Democrats were being nice to each other today. Believe me, that is rare on this site.

Does the weather make you feel just a “little bit” better about life? Does me…I’ve been in a very good mood all day.

What kind of weather are you having “in your neck of the woods” and how does it effects you?

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Yes, sir.

I tend to get the winter blues.

Rain just makes me want to hibernate.

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I know for a fact that I feel better when it’s sunny. It doesn’t have to be warm necessarily, but just sunny makes me feel better. In general. There are definitely times where I want overcast and rain (or snow if I’m at Tahoe), but overcast without rain in the middle of April usually just makes me feel like staying inside on the computer (and makes me not want to get out of bed)...

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Yes, it can. Not a great deal though.

We have been having a lovely fall day. Sunny with a sky so blue it makes you ache and crisp, fresh air.

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There’s really no weather that doesn’t excite me. I like it all for different reasons. Sun is cheery, when it’s rainy I like to snuggle and read and watch a movie or get some stuff done around the house, snow is awesome and beautiful and wonderful…I guess if a tornado ripped through my house I would probably be negatively affected.

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Not usually, but there are a couple of specific kinds of weather that affect me. today it was quite windy, and feeling the wind on my freshly shaven head was quite relaxing. its basically 3 kinds of weather that affect me in specific situations. rain outside helps me relax and sleep, hot days make me lazy, and windy days relax me.

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Affect my moods. hmmm I’d say that day after day of clouds would make me tend to feel down. But I’m used to sunshine so I don’t appreciate it. If it rains really hard w/thunder I may become joyous! tinnitus driving me nuts right now

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On dark, rainy days I sometimes can’t even get out of bed. Weather affects my moods, definitely.

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Absolutely. I don’t like extreme heat very much and it tends to make me very irritable. I love the cold weather and the snow, so when there’s snow on the ground, I’m really happy. Thunderstorms relax me.

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^^^^^ SOC That’s pretty close to how I feel.

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I love sunny days, it makes me in a good mood. It’s beach weather!! I can always shed enough clothes to keep cool. Cold makes me freak out, I can never put on enough to keep warm. Rain makes me want to curl up and sleep or just veg out and watch a good movie. I’ve only lived in the southern part of the US (Socal, South Texas, and South Florida, Panama) So I think I have thinner blood that’s why I can’t handle the cold.

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I live in the deep South and the humidity is a bummer! Even when the temp is good, the humidity is so bad. And, like today, the humidity is about 30% and that is heavenly! Make you want go outside and howl and bark! I love where I live, but the weather is only good in the fall, late spring, and late winter.

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Of course. When it’s raining I almost always sleep through school. I can’t work or think right if it’s a crappy day.

Nice thing. I just heard on the news that the whole day tomorrow, will be raining.

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I get grumpy more easily in the winter when the days are shorter. It helps that my office has a window that gets sunlight all day. Cool weather makes me sleep like a rock. That’s about it – as @deni said, I get excited by all different types of weather. LOVE a pretty fall day, a good thunderstorm, or snow falling late at night.

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@Written Loll….only when it raining! I slept on most days!

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Something I miss about NJ besides submarines was waking up and seeing the ground totally covered with snow. I never tired of it even after sixteen years. But, then, I wasn’t driving in it either! but I walked 3 blocks to school in it even in kindergarten.

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Yes. The extreme heat makes me lethargic and with an upset stomach because nothing seems to settle or digest well. Come winter then I can sleep better, eat better, not be so physically uncomfortable and short tempered.

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I love the first few days of frost. It usually means deer and goose season are here, or just around the corner.

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I think we should all pack up and move to Canada. Vancouver is beyond fantastic.

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No,it doesn’t effect me in a negative way at all.I am a happy kinda gal.
It’s raining right now and it sounds pretty :)

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@lucillelucillelucille: I have always wished to be one of those happy, hearty appearing people who can take advantage of all climates and especially the outdoors. GRRRRR
“Baby, you want to go shooting this morning?” “Yeah but it’s too hot and I’ll want to throw up but you go on without me. Yay… have fun… I love you… :(”

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Yes, cold weather pisses me off.

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@lucillelucillelucille Would you bottle up your attitude and moods and sell them please? I’ll pay top dollar.

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Definitely. I hate cold weather. It makes me depressed and it throws my diet completely out of control. Right now, it’s 68 deg F outside and clear skies, which is wonderful. I’m dreading the onset of winter, though.

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Yes, for some reason it effects me greatly.

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I believe it’s called seasonal affective disorder, at least in extreme cases. Apparently it can contribute toward depression & anxiety in some sufferers. I myself am unaffected by the changes in weather. I live in England for goodness sake, it’s always bloody raining here! I do however look forward to winter, snow & Christmas. What’s not to like….yay!!! :¬)

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@ucme certainly can be for some….prolonged cold periods effect my mood!

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@Neizvestnaya & @ Aster-Just get out there in it! :))

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Well I suppose my initial reaction to the weather is either yippee it’s sunny or oh no it’s raining yet again, but then I just get on with whatever I am doing.
Today in the UK the temperature is 53F (overnight 48F) – grey and cloudy, then it gets better worse tomorrow 48F (overnight 39F) rain, rain and more rain!!
I can’t change the weather, I can only move to a country where the weather is more ideal.
I love the UK, so accept whatever the weather throws at me.
I just carry at least two umbrellas around with me – one in the car and one in my handbag LOLL

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@partyparty Loll…yeah, the weather there can change by the minute. The Ryder Cup proved that…

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@BoBo1946 The Ryder Cup was in Wales… I am in England Was it someone from the UK who won.. they would be more used to this weather LOLL. Nevertheless the weather is quite similar. I just love sunshine, my SO hates anything over 68F just had to convert it from C to F!!

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I know…but, the weather in both places is by the minute!

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@BoBo1946 Hence the two umbrellas… oh and occasionally… very occasionally sunscreen!!

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I love all forms of weather but long drawn out day after day after day of cloudy days will wear on me. I need my sunshine fixes!

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Yes. :) My favourite weather makes me happy and improves my mood (not that it often needs improving mind you). Cloudly, cool, rainy days make me feel fuzzy and happy inside. :D But days that are hot and humid when i have to go out and that consequently causes me to be extremely hot and sweat and sticky…now those just put a tiny damper on my mood. Although it doesn’t put me in a bad mood, no weather does that to me. Except wind, it really messes up my hair and that makes me angry. But when i don’t have to be out in the wind, then it’s fine and sometimes even pleasant. :)

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Absolutely, I am happiest when it is miserable!

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Yes. Its snowy right now where I live and I just love it! I am already dreading the coming heat of summer which can easily be over 100 degrees (in the desert). I find that mild temperate coastal weather with 4 distinct seasons suits me best. Summer makes me cranky, unable to eat, and its just vile.
I agree with BoBo and the others here about the promise of cooler weather on the way making people much more civilized (LOL!) and I enjoy cooking a hearty stew or baking while watching snowflakes flutter down; all is right in My World then. Great topic! =)

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