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Some late night show tonight had an adorable corn snake on it?

Asked by delirium (13669points) March 31st, 2008

I don’t watch thing like that, so I missed it, but someone told my parents to tell me…. somewhere in the game of telephone the show that it was on was lost…. Anyone know?

Also, if there’s a way for me to see aformentioned snakey even if i missed the show, clue me in?

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All I can find is that there were a number of shows like Weeds (Actually called the Corn Snake” episode), Fear Factor, Navy NCIS and several others that featured Corn Snakes. The fact that many of these had original air dates well before you asked this question leads me to believe they were re-runs probably played late at night. I could not find a corn snake featured on a traditional late night program like Letterman or Leno. I’ll keep looking.

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