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The gun one is AWESOME!

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yeah the gun one is way cool – the cigarette one is a cool idea but the design is kind of tacky

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Can you buy me the gun? That thing looks awesome. Id love to pull that thing out in public when i go to smoke lol.

hurleygrlblink's avatar

definately the gun one! Its way nicer

bulbatron9's avatar

Both would only be $13.00, and go ahead and get the “Hamburger Phone” while you’re at it! Did you see the other ones at the bottom? Sweet!

It has a US order number.

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I like the pirate gun…looks like it is built very well. Too bad they don’t ship to the US…I would order a few even though I do not smoke :P

bulbatron9's avatar

@danny Where does it say they don’t ship to the US? It has a freakin’ US order line!

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VINTAGE PIRATE FLINTLOCK CAP PISTOL. I’m pretty sure he could score some booty with that one.

El_Cadejo's avatar

@danny i checked out the site. Its actually free shipping in the United States ^_^

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@ubs – I thought so. Thanks for backing me up on that one! Great Answer!

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@ bulbatron9 ~ the hamburger phone rocks. It enjoyed product placement in the indie movie Juno.

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The vintage pirate gun no question!

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Attention US buyers: we cannot ship this item to the US”

This is what I saw in the description for the pirate gun.

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Well, the flintlock is not available in the US and the ‘cigarette’ lighter is cheap looking. Why not just encourage him to quit smoking for his and your health?

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The pirate gun would probably be the better choice because I agree that the cigarette one looks kinda cheaply made.

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I used to have a gun lighter, not as cool as this one, though! I often scared people when I used it and it wasn’t actually handy to carry around, so I got rid of it. He might get more use out of the cigarette one.

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