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Home remedies, grandma recipes: Everyone's got one for the cold and sniffles: which ones do not work?

Asked by seazen (6113points) October 22nd, 2010

You’ve tried it – it failed. Tell us.

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My grandparents used to “put alcohol on it”, whether “it” was a bruise, scrape, or bone fracture. I can’t say the method ever worked.

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@Vortico Mine always put alcohol in it. Tea plus vodka.

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Isopropyl alcohol in my case, but you knew. Just clarifying. :)

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None of them work except for washing your hands.

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For colds and sniffles, I’ve never found that taking Vitamin C or eating oranges ever helped a bit.

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Possibly “stay in bed” doesn’t work for a cold but extra sleep worked for me when I used to get them. And I couldn’t sleep unless I used nose spray at bedtime.

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Force feeding meatloaf and lima beans to regain health and vitality doesn’t work at all.

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This graphic shows which natural ingredients in a lot of home remedies have more scientific evidence supporting them.

So ginseng and vitamin c aren’t overly proven to do anything that’s claimed, but others on the scale have been shown to be effective.

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@Cruiser ; I like meatloaf and lima beans. Just sayin’.

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My mother always claimed that she could stop a cold in its tracks by gargling with Listerine at the first sign of a sore throat. I have tried it, and it never worked for me.

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@lonelydragon do you still have your tonsils? I’ve always thought gargling with Listerine was good if you still had your tonsils.

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Yes, and even given that fact, the gargling never did anything for me.

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