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Best way to regain your energy after being sick?

Asked by Jude (32134points) January 27th, 2010

I was quite sick and housebound for three weeks. I slept and Fluthered whilst in bed most of the time (and watched the occasional movie). I’ve been taking my antibiotics for a week now, and I have two more left to take (I’ll be done Friday). I’m feeling great now, but, man, I have little energy. I could easily sleep all day and am winded after being active for say, 15 minutes.

Other than getting plenty of rest, what else can I do?

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Come to Philadelphia.~

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Well I was told to get some sun if it’s out, drink orange juice, and take small walks, even if it’s in the house.

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It could be that your body is telling the truth that you still need rest.
How about a deep-breathing walk outside for some sunshine and fresh air?
Fresh squeezed orange juice.

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Good nutrition and a slowly escalating exercise routine, But don’t start on the exercise until your doctor says it;s alright. Your body may still need more healing time even after the disease is gone.

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You may still want to take it easy and eat easily digestible foods as the antibiotics probably wiped out a lot if not all of the flora and fauna in your intestines which may be contributing to your run down lethargic feelings. Ask your doc or look into probiotics to help reestablish your digestive tract.

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Go outside!

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Vacation in Florida.

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Just eat good & get rest, but try to get up & get your body back into some activity. Going outside is a good suggestion. Fresh air will help.

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@JLeslie Do you want to come with me?

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Yes. But, I can’t right now. If you are serious know that Presidents Day weekend in Feburary in the states is a BIG travel weekend in FL, so flights and hotels will be expensive.

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Emergen C

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Jogging and some aromatherapy messages will help to calm your mind,make you fresher,and balancing your energy.

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@Doctor_D it’s a bit too soon for jogging.

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@Cruiser has a good point about what the antibiotics may have done to your digestive system. You might not be absorbing all the nutrients you need. Maybe the doctor can give you something to help restore the balance. The only thing I can think of (I’m no expert) is non-pasteurized yoghurt.

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A fried bacon & egg sandwich, with lots of pepper, with real butter, using two thick slices of baker’s baked, unsliced, whole-grain bread, with a strong cup of tea (my favourite is mixed Earl Grey and Typhoo).

I eat it every day, but I promise it will make you feel better in any situation.

Oh yeah and orange/grapefruit juice.

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I’m on my way out to get some Emergen-C.

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Have some protein too.

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@JLeslie lady, I owe you. You’ve helped me out this last while. You’re a smart cookie.

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drink OJ, load up on vitamins, and try to go for a light walk. Try drinking caffeinated coffee or tea to boost your engine!

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Replenishment is key. After being sick your body spends a lot of energy repairing itself and fighting off the sickness. Replenishment of vitamins, minerals, and proper nutrition will help your body back into natural balance.

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In addition to the good advice above, you need to drink 8 – 10 eight oz glasses of water a day.

Your body needs this in addition to other beverages. The waste products from the bacteria need to be flushed out of you body’s cells.

Many healthy people drink this much water daily. Dehydration is rough on your body and most people fail to recognize the signs.

Signs that you are getting dehydrated

* Increased thirst

* Dry mouth and swollen tongue

* Weakness

* Dizziness

* Palpitations (feeling that the heart is jumping or pounding)

* Confusion

* Sluggishness, even fainting

* Inability to sweat

* Decreased urine output: Urine colour may indicate dehydration. If urine is concentrated and deeply yellow or amber, you may be dehydrated.

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@jmah Awww. Thanks. I’m really glad you are feeling better.

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As the surgeons and morticians say – all bleeding eventually ends.

The same is true for fatigue.

Most post infectious fatigue resolves in time. Think about it. Your body is saying – not yet, i still need a little time.

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