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Should I get a second dog?

Asked by Curious404 (1021points) April 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I already have one yorkie. He’s a year old. The other dog I’m thinking of getting is also a yorkie. Ive heard pros and cons to having 2 dogs. What do you guys think?

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I would say that it depends on where you live. I am in a very rural area with lots of fields, woods and pasture lands. Everyone who has dogs, has two or three. Very rarely do I find owners w. only one dog. My best friend has three springer spaniels, all from the same bitch. They look identical and hang around together and seem happy, altho there is clearly an alpha dog.

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male or female?
could easily be territorial and alpha dog
if both yorkies are laid back it can work if they are playful and rawdy then you could have a potential problem.
My friend has 3 males and there is always one trying to be the top dawg.

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I think it’s important to analyze the reasons you are considering getting another dog. Is it for companionship for your dog, or for you? Or something else?

I don’t have a dog of my own right now because I am 23, and although I long for the companionship of a dog, I know that realistically I don’t have the time to train one, wouldn’t want to be tied down to a walk every day, live in an urban city, and don’t have the finances in the event that a vet visit would be necessary. Which brings me to my point, which is that I feel like a lot of people get dogs as accessories and don’t take the time to train or exercise them and just get them because they want one (or more than one).

If you are already giving your current dog everything it needs, meaning you’ve taken the time to train it when it’s young and walk or exercise it daily, and give it plenty of love and affection, then having another might not be a problem for you. I personally believe that one dog is enough, but if you have the time and energy to actually CARE for the dogs rather than just keep racking them up like tally marks like some people do, then I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I agree with Gail that in a more rural area it’s probably easier to have more pets, but in the city it just seems like two or three untrained dogs living in a one-bedroom condo who only get one 30-minute walk a day are not really living a happy life, though their owners probably are.

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Off-topic. I had lunch in town w. the owner of the three springer spaniels. He went off, on foot, to do errands and I returned to my car in another direction. I passed his car, parked near mine and stuffed full w. the three dogs. They had apparently turned on his flashers…I was waiting for one of them to get behind the driver’s seat and take off.

I have still to discover whether his battery is OK. And every pick-up here has two or three labs or retrievers looking at you.

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ok let me put it this way if you like having 2 dogs just do if your happy with it no matter what.

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Many years ago, we had a dalmatian, who was very much loved and spoiled by our family. He was a male. We decided to add another dog, a rat terrier, who was a male, also. It was fine for a few weeks, but the Dalmatian was very jealous of the rat terrier. One afternoon the Dalmatian attacked the rat terrier,ripping his throat open. We took him to the vet, and he had to have his cuts on his throat seen and his jaw was broken and had to be wired shut.

The vet questioned my husband about the dalmatian. Our daughter was two. He suggested that we get rid of the Dalmatian before it did something like this to my daughter. We kept him for a while and his jealousy and anger got worse .

Sadly we had to give him away to another fireman. This Dalmatian never was violent before adding the new dog.

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Why do you want a second dog?

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Thanks to everyone that responded! To answer your questions:
@ninja: I have a male yorkie but the second dog is female.

@Emily and isteve: the second dog is for companionship. I LOVE my first dog to death. Part of what I love about him is his distinct personality. Unfirtunatly his personality is one that won’t cuddle with me or sit with me at all. I’d also love for my first dog to have spmeone to play with.

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Sounds like you’re ready for a second dog!

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@curious; if your yorkie is aloof, superior and disdainful with you, be careful to make sure that he will tolerate a second dog before you make the purchase. Do you have a lot of land where they can run around, or will they have to be walked?

@msgator’s story of her Dalmatian and the rat terrier (RIP) is not so untypical. At least two yorkies would be in the same weight class.

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We have 4 dogs. I think the more the merrier-if you have the time, room and can afford the upkeep. We just spent $1200 to have our border collie’s tooth pulled. Another dog in the family just might make Mr. Disdainful appreciate you more. Good Luck!

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if you can afford it, of course!!!

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