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My wife states that it's "my fault". Is this true?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) November 4th, 2010

My wife approached me and said, “honey, since I now have some wrinkles in my face, do you still love me”? I told her that i love each and every wrinkle in her face. She replied, “that’s good, since each wrinkle was my-fault!” I was stunned at her comment. Question: How could my wife believe that her wrinkles were caused by me? Anyone face a similar situation?

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Of course it is your fault. You carry the “Y” chromosome.

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Knowing a bit about your background and your marriage from previous posts, I wouldn’t take it to heart. It’s probably an attempt to use humor while based upon a bit of fact. You two have been married for, what, 45 years? You two have wearhered a few rough storms over the years. She carried and helped rear your child. She was married to a policeman. Show me any woman who can do all of those and still look like she’s in her 20s without plastic surgery and a daily rigorous workout routine with a personal trainer, and I’ll show you someone who is not human.

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Pied Pfeffer, thank you for a great answer. you opened my eyes to see this situation from a different perspective. you are correct…...her wrinkles are my fault. thanks, john.

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Are elderly nuns wrinkle free? I think not.

Definitely not your fault :)

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“Laugh lines” are technically wrinkles.

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Not your fault.

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Don’t you think she was joking?

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They are all your fault. ;)

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Obviously we can’t know for sure what her tone of voice was when saying this but I would imagine it was a joke!

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John, John, John,....... How long have you been married? I would think you would have figured out by now that EVERYTHING is your fault. The sooner you stop fighting it the easier your life will be. ~

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Oh, for heaven’s sake, ask her.

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If you are married, of course it’s your fault. I remember early times in our 44 year marriage where we would attempt to assign blame and had considerable arguments. That doesn’t happen anymore. My first reaction is to apologize or at best say that I wasn’t there. Remember that women have much better verbal skills than us and no matter what the occasion, if there is blame to be assigned, it’s our fault.

My wife doesn’t really have any lines on her face. She does have a little beginning of a double chin but there is no way that I would mention that, I’m not stupid or suicidal.

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