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Is Fluther helping you procrastinate?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) November 4th, 2010

For me it is, I have schoolwork, and I’m on here.

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I think you may be my soulmate?

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Oh, yes – cleaning. Oh, yes it is…

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I am gunning for the Guinness record for procrastinating and Fluther is helping make a go of it.

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Fluther helps me tremendously. I’ll get started after I look at one more question.

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@worriedguy That’s what I say before I start to write a paper, and then, boom another question. Or I ask one :P

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Yes yes yes. Infact, I’ve really got to go. I haven’t done a tap yet today.

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Yes it is. I should have been out of here an hour ago. Such a bad influence this fluther thing.

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In many ways, yes. However, it did provide the initiative yesterday to go buy a new CPU when the crappy one I’ve been using for years finally crashed.

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@Adirondackwannabe Ah of course. We can procrastinate together! What are you putting off?

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Everything. Ok Now I have to be productive.

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Yeah, should defs be practising my molecular geometry prediction using valence shell electron pair repulsion theory & also learning the implications of molecular orbital hybridisation…
oh and learning my 漢字 (kanji)

Instead im sucking up noodles, drinking beer and watching Trigun… and Fluthering.

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I was going to spend the afternoon procrastinating, but I think I’ll put it off until this evening.

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Today I have a serious problem. My report was due yesterday and I managed to submit it on time. That means I have no immediate deadlines. Oh the horror.
I wonder if there is anything in General or Meta.

@Aesthetic_Mess I even use exercise as a procrastination tool. I just to do some push ups before I can settle down. Yep… And some sit-ups, and maybe take out the trash and… Oops! Is that another question I see.
A man’s work is never done.

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You have no idea…

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Oh yeah for sure.

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hmm u don’t ask. I am like the Fluther Procrastinator. Fluther always brings me into procrastinating. Right now I am battling with thermal properties of matter in Physics and I don’t understand anything :/

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@Thesexier Don’t give up! That is one of the best subjects to know. When you are ready to buy a house and install a new heating system you will see how it all relates.
Just remember “heat of fusion – solid to liquid and back” and “heat of vaporization – liquid to gas and back”

Now imagine there are solids that switch states at certain desirable temperatures. Eutectic solids. You might find one that switches at 32 C. As it changes state it can keep you warm all night.

(You learned something. Now you can justify Fluthering instead of studying. You’re welcome.)

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I’ve decided that my unofficial job is fluther, so I don’t have to feel guilty about procrastinating. LOL.

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Fluther makes waiting for laundry and the arrival of packages speed by.

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It’s helping me procrastinate from games. Not that this is a problem.

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No, my work is the kind that can be done while Fluthering for the most part, with a few interruptions now and then.

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@YARNLADY Me too. Occasionally, I have to get up and go to the bathroom.

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I’m resourceful when it comes to finding ways to procrastinate, so I don’t really need any help. ;-)
But yes, Fluther is my primary means of procrastination.

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Is fluther helping me procrastinate? No, it is absolutely assuring, insisting and guaranteeing that I will procrastinate.

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