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What are the first things you look for on online dating profiles?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19054points) November 4th, 2010

What are the first things you look for on online dating profiles? Those things that you check really fast before you continue any further. If you don’t use online dating, what would you look for if you did? If you’re taken, what would you look for if you were single?

Mine are age, smoking/drinking/drugs, religion, pets, signs of proper grammar, and their picture for proper grooming.

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@papayalily can i assume therefore that you are not looking for a dishevelled, heavy smoking, hard drinking, drug taking, grammar butchering, atheistic, pet eschewing, dude?

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Age, photo, location, religion. Not that I have ever actually used a dating site, nor would I now, considering my marital status.

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That they are a male looking for a female; otherwise, game over. After that, their ability to write well. Otherwise, I was pretty flexible on the rest when I joined a site several years ago.

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Kids, religion, smoking, if they want kids if they don’t have any, and the ones that seem like they’re looking for Mr. Perfect.

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Intelligence, liberality of mind, wit, kindness and a reasonable attractiveness are things I would look for if I were to use an online dating site.

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If I were single, which I’m not, an if I were searching for a partner on a dating site, which I wouldn’t, I’d look for age, location, absence of kids (or grown-up kids living elsewhere). Everything else that matters is the sort of thing we’d have to actually talk about.

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Well, age would be a factor for me I’ve checked out dating sites before just out of curiosity even though I am not single as well as grammar and spelling. If he’s going to “trete me riht” then I pass him by. It would also bug me if he said “lol” anywhere on there. I detest the phrase. If you’re going to put that somewhere where you’re trying to pick up romantic partners, then I have no interest in you. Aside from that, I’d evaluate everything on a case by case basis.

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It’s been so long since I did anything like this. I found the profiles to be pretty useless. If there was too little information for me to imagine what they were like, then there was no point. If there was enough information, then I’d rapidly head off into fantasy land, which is also pointless. I am so glad I don’t have to meet people this way.

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Photo, interests, and age! In that order!

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1. Photo. If there’s no attraction, no point in proceeding.
2. Religion. Must be atheist. None of this agnostic fence-sitting.
3. Make sure The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged are not listed as favorite books.

After that, it’s all tone and conversation style. If you can hit those three and make me laugh, I’ll go out with you at least once.

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1. Looks
2. Evidence of being a manic pixie dream girl

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@mammal Correct, except for atheist. Christian and/or “serious about it” is not what I’m looking for. Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, all fine. But I have pets, am done with dating addicts, and can’t stand the Visigoth look.

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I suppose age and what they choose to share about themselves. Religion, kids, smoking wouldn’t matter to me unless they were fundamentalist and wanted a wife.

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Those that are separated and not divorced. Eeeeee….wave that flag, wave it wide and high! lol

Of course, good grammer, ability to be playful and creative, habits, the usual.

I don’t peruse online dating sites anymore…had my spin a few years ago and met some great guys, and several nuts too.

‘Naked volleyball guy’, ’ a guy that had a fetish for wearing womens underware…damn..he was so good looking, but no. NO! Not acceptable. lol

Just can’t get turned on by a guy in a pink thong. Nope, never gonna happen! haha

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Looks, education, if they’re creative and whether or not they have a J.O.B.

Religion (can be Catholic, Atheist, Jewish, Buddhist, I really don’t care)

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height, location, age… pictures often last. odd, i know

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Mine are age, smoking/drinking/drugs, height, location

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard What exactly does a manic pixie dream girl entail?

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loll !!!!!!

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@papayalily, something like this, only I prefer to exchange the bit about docility with a bit of ferocity.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Oh, her! I know tons of her….

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@papayalily, send ‘em my way!

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