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How would you feel if Sarah Palin won the presidency in 2012?

Asked by dotlin (422points) November 4th, 2010

How would you react? Would you react at all?

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Honestly? I would be shocked and horrified. And then when the shock wore off I would might just cry. After that I’m not sure what I would do., I don’t like her politics or her policy positions, at least the ones she’s managed to articulate, I don’t think she’s very smart or very well educated and informed and I don’t think she is at all qualified to be the President of The United States.

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And I’m just as disappointed that Obama made it. So there you are.

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What makes me sad is compared to many other countries such as China, USA, Italy the UK actually has a good political structure.

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I agree with @snowberry. I don’t think she would do any worse than the current President.

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Sarah Palin as president would bring about the fulfillment of the Mayan Prophecy. Our friends in the EU would probably nuke us—and should. A governor who quits her job as governor because the talk circuit is more lucrative should not be leading a country.

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I would take the next transport off this planet, back home to Zeta Reticuli 2.
AFTER I gleefully watch you destroy yourselves, from orbit.

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I wouldn’t worry. She’d quit after a year or so when she realizes she has to do actual work.

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How would I feel?
Like puking.

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I would leave the country.

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Disgusted and saddened – just like when Bush won in 2000.

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I would feel that America would deserve whatever it gets and try to move out of the country. It’s already depressing that 47% of the American public voted for McCain, and a majority voted for Bush.

The only hope that I’d have is that all the stupid old people who vote for Republicans would start dying faster because of the Republican cuts to their entitlements.

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A stance from Europe it’s rather interesting watching American politics, Republicans saying things no major politician would be able to get away with here, such that would make you instantly unelectable.

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From the posts I see so far, looks like there would be some positive benefits to Palin winning. Those benefits aside, I would not like to see Palin win the presidency UNLESS that were the only way to get rid of BO and MO. I doubt that will be the case, however. I doubt she would get the nomination and I think BO is going to be the easiest guy to beat in 2012. Even the Democrats are split now on whether he should be the Democratic nominee for 2012.

@Qingu News reports I’m reading indicate that a whole lot of younger people voted Republican earlier this week.

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There’s nothing wrong with being right wing or left wing. Good policies are good polices and it’s good to get a mix of ideas and work towards a pragmatic best answer and that includes debate.

Don’t tell everyone else though but I do laugh at the Republicans a lot.

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@Qingu I would expect no less from FDL. I’m reading exit polls. Neither proves anything except that voters across the age spectrum were out in large numbers voting Republican, including many of college age. On the whole I would expect under 30 to vote predominantly democratic. As they move into their 30s they begin to wise up and move right.

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I would be very surprised. I am telling you all right now that she won’t even get the nomination. She’s very popular (positive and negative) but she can’t carry an election.

Go back through the last couple years of Fluther and you’ll see that I am uncannily correct in my predictions.

unless, of course, you all keep making her relevant

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I would be really embarrassed we went from a very intelligent person, to someone even I’m likely more intelligent than. I’d also freak out a bit, post some rants, do a lot of complaining, and continue to vote against her. My faith in Americans to find accurate information would be even less than it already is, and I’d want Fox News to be sued for spreading misinformation. I would also be sure that I never live in a red area. I’d be pretty disappointed that a majority of Americans would think she’s worthy to be a leader, and the rest of the world would be laughing at us. It would likely mean the Joe the Plumbers of the US would be regarded higher than scientists. I would think the movie “Idiocracy” was actually beginning to happen.

Let’s not forget this is the Death Panel lady, who could see Russia from her house, and reads “all” of the magazines.

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@cockswain ALL the magazines? Even these ones?

That’s creepy.

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Apparently I’m going to have to check that link from home.

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I wouldn’t care.

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About the same as I felt when Barrack Obama was elected in 08

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I prefer Gingrich for the next election.

I believe in her convictions but fear she wouldn’t be taken seriously for purely superficial reasons.

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@iamthemob just checked out the magazines. Pretty funny and disturbing at the same time. I think “A Bear’s Life” was the best.

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She couldn’t be any worse than Obama. Personally, I’m going to support congressman Ron Paul for President, if he decides to run. If he doesn’t, I may not even vote for President, although I will vote for the other offices, particularly if a Libertarian is running. : )

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I’m sorry, but I’d rather eat glass than consider this possibility.

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[ Offers @wundayatta a plate of chips… glass ones. ] : ))

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I would praise the lord

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^puts gun to head^

“pulls trigger^

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@BarnacleBill That’s a great link, I saw it the other day. Anyways, I wish the nay-sayers would take the time to go through it, point by point, and declare why Obama doing that is such a problem. Sadly that’s not the way those debates usually go.

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@plethora, I’ll ask again: what is your source for large numbers of young voters voting Republican in the midterm?

You said you’re “reading exit polls.” I’m calling BS until you actually cite something.

@dotlin, I agree that good ideas are good ideas, regardless of where they come from on the political spectrum. What good ideas have Republicans advanced this election? I can’t think of a single one. And don’t say Ryan’s ridiculous deficit-fighting plan.

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I would fear that the war on science in the US would intensify. Unwanted pregnancies might soon triple and desperate teenagers would probably begin to seek the help of witch doctors.

It’s my expectation that the honest and smart Republicans reclaim their party and keep the ultra-conservative zealots in check.

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Migrate permanently. France is looking pretty good to me! Great schools, beautiful language, rich culture, and great healthcare! At least I will feel human, there.

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Amen @CaptainHarley I agree totally. Great Answer.

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Sometimes, just saying “No!” is a damned good idea. But I suppose you’re looking for something new and entertaining. News Flash: it is not the government’s business to keep you entertained.

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@CaptainHarley Are you eager for me to leave because I am a minority?

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LMAO @squirbel

Yeah. That’s it. I’m a racist bastard who just loves it when minority people leave.

If ever there was proof that people believe what they want to believe, that was it. I’ll bet you’ve not even read my profile, and yet here you go, calling me a racist!

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It was a question, and I never said anything about you. I’ve read your past posts, and this one, in line with those, made me ask the question so directly.

You’re the one who interpreted it that way. You could have simply said “No,” if it was not what you meant.

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@CaptainHarley, looking for something new and entertaining? I believe the question I asked was “What good ideas have Republicans offered recently?”

Your answer is apparently “saying no.” That about sums the situation up, I think.

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What “past posts” have I made that would EVER lead you to believe that I am a racist? PLEASE do tell!

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Amen to Ron Paul I would vote for him in less than a second.

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Yes, “new and entertaining,” which is exactly what got us in trouble with the Obama Presidency in the first place… all those people simply voting for “change” without knowing, or even specifying, what sort of “change.” It’s a kind of mindlessness that overtakes the immature and the thoughtless periodically… change for the sake of change, something new and entertaining. They don’t stop to think that it’s all pretty serious business, that people’s livelihoods are at stake, that their homes are at stake, that real people get really SERIOUSLY hurt by stupidity like voting for someone who promises “change.”

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@CaptainHarley, so, you don’t seem remotely interested in answering my question.

Which was, I’ll remind you, “What good ideas have Republicans offered recently?”

But feel free to keep on whining about those damn Democrats. Apparently that’s the entire intellectual foundation of your political party.

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I was thinking of this last night. We have often said, “I’m going to move to Canada” if so-and-so is elected, and then so-and-so is elected, and we don’t move and the country survives.

Presidents are powerful, but not all-powerful. Palin might try to implement some pretty flaky stuff, but it is unlikely it would get through congress, and even if it did, the impact is generally survivable. Yes, Reagan cut programs for the disadvantaged, and the number of homeless skyrocketed. Bush deregulation of finance industry led to a financial meltdown and a recession that is longer than every other recession we’ve experienced. But we’re surviving. Barely.

Palin will do horrible things, I’m sure. The difference between the rich and the poor will grow much wider. We’ll go on ill-advised adventures in foreign lands. Freedoms will be curbed (a woman’s right not to be a slave incubator for some fetus), ability to criticize the nation, ability to be a Muslim in public, etc. The workforce of the future—the people who will take care of us in our infirmities—will be banned from the nation, and we’ll spend far to much money on trying to keep them out. There will be more homeless and more poverty. We’ll lose access to health care and return to the days where fifty million of us had no health insurance, and there will be so many more preventable deaths. She’ll ignore it all, and say she’s made America a better place. Whatever.

But we’ll survive. We’ll be set back by fifteen years or so, but we’ll survive.

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I didn’t see where @CaptainHarley said anything about those damn Democrats? He said something about Obama who is a Democrat but he was referring to bad leadership which is what Obama is!

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Once again, I never stated or implied you were racist. Your past posts, and the convenient “Please do (leave my country)! ” was in line. So please reply reasonably with a “Yes I meant it in the way you took it”, or a “no, that’s not what I meant at all”.

Simple. Please stop creating a strawman.

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@JustmeAman, please feel free to answer the question I asked as well: “What good ideas have Republicans offered recently?”

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@wundayatta, I actually tried to move to Canada when Bush got re-elected because I didn’t want my tax dollars funding the Bush administration’s insane foreign policy. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to emigrate to Canada (especially if you don’t know French and you don’t have a lot of money).

That said, I do agree with you. America will survive and things will continue to progress in the long term. I just think there’s a level of culpability and disassociation I’d feel with my country that I wouldn’t feel right about.

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Frankly I don’t care about either Republicans or Democrats I care about the Nation and neither one has done much good for this country. I would much rather give Ron Paul a chance and forget the idiot parties.

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Out of curiosity, who did you vote for in the last election?

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Who I voted for is my business but I didn’t vote for either of the two parties.

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@JustmeAman – fantastic answer! I would press the point to ask whether or not you voted at all.

Please tell me you voted at all…

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Yes I did vote and again most recently. I voted different than I ever have this last time and hope it sent a message to the government.

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You said, and I quote: “Are you eager for me to leave because I am a minority?”

Only a racist would advocate such a thing.

You also said, and I quote: “I’ve read your past posts, and this one, in line with those, made me ask the question so directly.”

So again I ask: what past posts of mine have lead you to believe that I am a racist?

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The sum total. I’ve answered your question already.

You will not answer me respectfully regarding your intent, so I am finished discussing this.

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@squirbel my experience on Fluther is that only liberals pull the racist card. You seem to enjoy playing it.

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@Qingu I do not intend to “prove” my statement that I had read several exit polls noting younger people voting Republican. That was Tuesday night and long gone by now. Of all flutherites, your opinion and comment is the one I could least give a shit about.

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Well, for the benefit of anyone reading your post about young Republican voters who might mistakenly believe you, the New York Times reports that it’s a myth:

Have the Democrats lost the young?

Two years ago, the Obama campaign galvanized young voters, and they turned out and helped elect Democrats around the country. This year voters under 30 were the only age group in which a majority voted for the Democrats, but relatively few of them bothered to show up on Tuesday. But that doesn’t mean young voters are forever lost. Young voters are among the most transient and tend to sit out midterm elections. This year was no different.

Young voters did make up a decidedly smaller portion of the electorate this year: 11 percent, down from 18 percent in 2008, when many turned out for the presidential election. But their turnout this year was not much different from their turnout in the last midterm elections, in 2006, when 12 percent of the voters were under 30.

By the way, this has nothing to do with anyone’s “opinion,” it has to do with misrepresenting facts.

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@Qingu As well as with using one’s own definition of “facts”. The two references you have used are liberal sources (which I know because I read the NYT regularly) which are going to put the best possible face on the recent election. Further, you are defining the young as those under 30.

The fact remains that on exit polls reported on TV, the surprising fact was that pollsters were finding people of college age who had voted for BO in 2008, who had voted Republican in 2010 and who reported that they would not vote to re-elect BO. Never made a comment about the overall statistics.

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What would you like? SHould I say, “I am not a racist?” Ok, I am not a racist. Happy now? As to agreeing that you should leave the Country, I was simply agreeing with your earlier statement that you thought you should leave. Why get upset about that??

Are you ashamed of the reasons you concluded that I was racist? Perhaps they are based on posts I have made which have nothing whatsoever to do with racism?

Actually, I am probably one of the LEAST “racist” people you will ever meet, especially since I know that the blood running through my veins is the same blood running through the veins of everyone else on the planet.

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I wouldn’t call myself a liberal but I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin. I believe in personal liberty so yes, people as far-right as Palin oppose many Libertarian principles. Depressing thought.

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I’d laugh for about two days straight. Then I’d build myself a raft… then I’d try to sail myself away from this country.

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About how would I feel I am not sure. One thing I know, I would put all my money on military industrial corps stocks the next day.

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@plethora, really, you “saw that on TV”?

What program?

What was their source?

Sorry, but until you actually remotely support your claim, I think I’ll believe the “liberal” New York Times over some random guy on the Internet who claims he saw it on TV.

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I think the voting speaks for itself and that Obama is done when it comes to politics…

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it will be greater comedy than george w. bush.

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Scared, sad, but then resigned and hopeful that it wouldn’t be THAT bad.

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Here’s the latest Palin gaffe. Somewhat minor, but just more evidence she isn’t well-informed.

Inflation is not a problem right now.

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First I would shit my pants, then after a cup of coffee, I’d blow my brains out.

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@squrilbel, Can I move with you?
@wundaytta, A very well thought out answer. I think that I still want to move (health
care), but that is a GA, and really made me think.

GracieT's avatar

@squirbel, Where do you plan on living? Let me know, and I’ll start looking at real estate close by! Best thing of all is that Fluther is world-wide, and I won’t have to suffer through separation from it! ;op

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