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Is it a common practice, in committed relationships, for a partner to orally stimulate another partner who is actively on the computer?

Asked by Riser (3485points) April 3rd, 2008
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I’m voting yes.

(If you’re lucky, that is)

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Not at my house, but I wish!

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Just as normal as getting head while you write a paper on the economic policies of Milton Friedman. I think all of us have done it.

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It is in my house!!!

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heh wonder whats Risers doing right about now….... ah god bad images bad images MAKE THEM GO AWAY!!!

Yea its normal. Nothing like playing a little xbox while getting head ^_^

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you’re enjoying them batman, we know it.
(the mental images, that is)

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you lucky dog

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only if you’re on Fluffer—I mean Fluther.

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I repeat, chat is for the chat room——> this way to the egress.

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@del shhhhhhhh dont let everyone know that i secretly love him

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He is mine..

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(and yes, chat would be nice, if people WENT IN IT ENOUGH.
/me glares around accusingly at everyone)

And….. I guess… just to fit in, i’ll call dibs as well.

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Tell ‘em Dan! 3 way is the G way!

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This is a legitimate question about human behavior. I am aware of the pre-conceived notions toward my question but think about the the psychology behind someone so desperate for affection they are willing to be ignored to express it.

I’m sorry it’s being misunderstood

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Riser: I get the feeling that you have – um- mood swings. Or age swings?

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I worded it wrong. Its for something with a project I’m writing and we want to make sure it’s believable to the audience that our characters, committed to eachother, would act this way. One of the characters is deeply insecure and fearful of losing their partner. I was trying to avoid having to publicize Miramax property but obviously I wasn’t clear enough. Sorry

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Oral sex is common enough in relationships to include it in a screen or TV play. The character doesn’t have to be deeply insecure.

When I was living in NYC, on the very fancy Upper East Side, a guy behind the wheel slowed down and opened his window.

I thought he wanted directions so I went over. He was jerking off. I started to laugh and he drove away, the car careering up Third Avenue.

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Was this at night or during the day?

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my gf loves to give me head. it doesnt really matter if im on the computer, in the car, or in the shower. i guess if she really likes it then it wont matter if youre behind a computer or wherever. id recommend trying to give her head while shes on the computer if you really wanna give her a hint.

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my gf usually does it with whip cream. Oh and the vote for me is yes.

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Riser; broad daylight; probably before lunch. And I was very young (with very good legs) and wearing a mini-skirt up to what my grandmother called my “puppik.”

So feel free to steal the idea.

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That’s amazing that someone would be that tasteless in broad daylight, or dense, of course the geography sounds right.

Thank you Gail and again, sorry for the adolescent scare.

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De gustibus non disputandum est (there is no accounting for people’s tastes). If you are looking for another gross idea, from the same period (late sixties) write to me privately.

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I would say yes, but that the insecurity would more likely be a general insecurity about oneself rather than the relationship. If it were a woman starting this as a new thing then I would say it would more likely be trying something new to spice up a (perceived) languishing sex life.

Unless there’s more to it that’s not coming across in your description, it sort of
rings “eh” to me. Disbelief a little less suspended. Notmeaning to be critical.

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We’re having an argument over whether someone would do that or not. I believe they would, easily and not just out of their insecurities, although we want to emphasize that.

My cohorts believe no one will buy it. (for cable television, by the way) I can’t say the name of the website the person is surfing but I can at least say it’s porn.

I am interested in what you said about the woman starting it as something to spice up the relationship? Wouldn’t it be obvious that it is the “internet surfer’s” neglect that would need “spicing” in the first place? In general, if she were to start something sexual, I could see it simply as a way to spice things up, but in this situation he is deliberately ignoring her.

Hopefully this helps.

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I, like others above, think the commonality of this is pretty much a given. Among real life couples, at the very least I would imagine all but the most uptight have done it at least once. If not, then at least nearly every guy has wished it.

I’m having a hard time believing the motive though, unless this is like Sid and Nancy reincarnated and they’re both desparate souls who are stuck with each other. Like if she really had zero self esteem or was sort of prostituting herself because she was afraid of getting booted onto the street. Another possibility is that she thinks she’s the problem (not exciting enough or whatever) and doesn’t realize that she’s trying to fix something that’s beyond her capacity to fix. Like she’s taking all of the responsibilty for the problem, because she’s not wise enough to know that it’s a bad relationship. It kind of makes me sick to think about it (like Lolita did when the relationship became quid pro quo). I’d want her to barf up the realization about how low she let herself get at some point later in the story.

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I think if they’re in a committed relationship, then generally many will tend to be open enough to try, although we don’t really know enough about the relationship or the characters to adequately answer, in my opinion.

People, however, are driven to do all kinds of things out of insecurities, whether over themselves or their relationship. It really depends on the whole of the situation and being just a small window to peek through isn’t enough for me personally to say.

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Kevbo, your Lolita reference was spot on. This scene plays on her sickened reality which is why I had issues with using the internet and her actions because it doesn’t seem that far removed from normal relationships, thus devaluing the message behind the scene.

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I think that’s right. Hey, maybe she’s the guy who has to buy him crap and cater (to continue the Lolita comparison.) Anyway, her coping should come out another way as you suggest.

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Yeah, I can totally see someone doing that – the partner on the computer is over the relationship and just looking for an excuse to move on, and the partner on his/her knees is desperate to keep things together but failing.

It doesn’t seem to me like something you’d see in a healthy relationship—if things are going well for the two partners, it might just be a very explicit and forceful invitation, and I’d expect the partner on the computer to drop what he was doing.

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