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What is the best kind of beard?

Asked by the_state_of_wisconsin (351points) November 11th, 2010

please support your answer

there are so many different kinds of beards to grow during “no shave november”...

what kind of beard will you grow and why?

for the record, my vote goes to “lumberjack”

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Mutton chops

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The kind gay men and women use to hide their true sexuality.

It’s the best because you always are asking “Is that a beard”? It’s very, very high-concept.

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The bearded clam.

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I agree, I like the full bodied, wild abandon style of the lumberjack style.

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yeah lumber for sure not too far down the neck, a clean lumber

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How on earth did I miss the memo about not shaving in November? Has this always been happening? Why have I never noticed, and why can I not stop noticing, now?

I stop shaving annually for the hockey playoffs, but it will always be the only kind I can grow – a little scraggly under the chin, a lame little mustache, and about three dozen random hairs across the rest of the face.

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Clearly, clearly, The Cage

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The most attractive beard is the cleanshaven beard :)

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