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Does somebody know how I can find out what kind of video card is on my pc or if I even have one? (I typoed the other question)?

Asked by jdogg (871points) April 4th, 2008
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Go to your PC’s site, they have software downloads & download the video card one, it will tell you if you have one or not when you download it.

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PCWizard is a good app for all computer hardware info.
Or look in device manager to check for your card.

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if on XP; my computer -> then on the side there is View System Information -> Click hardware tab -> Display Adapters -> there is is

Sorry im not sure on Vista, it might be similar

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Or a short cut is “windows key + PauseBreak” then click the “hardware” tab and then “device manger” Click the Plus next to Display Adapters and poof!

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