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Friends list for this site. who would like to see one, or would it even be a good idea?

Asked by Robby (252points) April 5th, 2008

I was curious about there being a friends list for this web site. For the regulars and for people who relate about alot of things. Say you happen to post alot of questions and you find the same people responding to it and you like what they say most of the time if not all the time. You could then have them on your friends list.

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I think it would be cool.

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I second that.

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I like the idea

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Send it as feedback and they might add it. The creaters of Fluther are very kind and usually listen to good suggestions.

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another site I’m apart of allows you to see all topics replied to by your friends. I like to put my .02 cents in. Sometimes it can be bad if you have an e-stalker that’s all up in your business though.

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what’s the name of site?

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Um this web site” Fluther”

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i think it would turn in to another myspace.

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Historically (during the last 2.5 yrs) many of us have become fast friends via the private “comments for you” link. It is on the right side of this page. Click on user name below avatar and you can correspond. Sometimes we exchange emails since the comments require lots of copy and paste.

And certainly there have been some suspicious people here; mercifully they seem to have come and gone.

I am learning Dutch, getting cat handling advice, exchanging egregious typos, bemoaning new bra designs, etc…all privately.

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I think it would be a good idea too. It can help you keep track of your friends posts. As far as the stalker thing goes, you could always block an undesirable person from your list. I’ve seen an ignore feature used on other sites, so someone you have disagreements with can’t bother you.

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I fear change…

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I wanna say it would be a good idea because I like to see what my pals are up too. I’m kinda like lovelyy though. I’m scared it would turn into another myspace. Like iSteve said, change is scary. I fluther religiously and don’t have a problem seeing my friends questions and answers, so I could just be bias.

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I think it would be kind of clique-y. Like gail said comments are a good way to keep track of the folk you’re interested in.

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And folks could send their “hahahah, !!!!!!!!!!, sooooooooo great answer, awesome, like, kinda, defiantly, dose” remarks off-list and spare the collective – or the part of the collective that begs to be spared.

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I’m not really in favour of a “friends” list – I think you know which people you like and who you don’t like.

However, an alternative idea might be a “following” list. This list would allow you to see what the people you follow are asking/answering. In order to prevent people from adding as many people to this list because they think it gives them a higher status, this list should just be private, i.e. a tool to stay up-to-date with questions you like without making it something to extract status from.

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@Vincentt, Thats a real good idea I like that..

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The friends lists I have seen other places work the same way as the following list vincent mentions, and that’s what I thought we were discussing here. Also, the friends list I have seen were private, so no one else could view who was on who’s lists.

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Vincentt: I like it. You should talk to the King of the Fluthers (aka the Mods).

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I think they’ll have read it themselves, but if you feel like pointing it out to them specifically, feel free to :P

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