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Who cheats more men or women ?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) April 5th, 2008 from iPhone

read women cheat more than they admit

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I believe it’s equal, but men have the better reputation of cheating. All I hear from my friends “all men cheat” – but then again, that’s a best friend that never had a real solid relationship and always goes for biggest losers on earth

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“It takes two to tango”...I think you’re equally guilty of cheating if you are the other woman/other man and not in a committed in a relationship-“you homewrecker”! (just kidding on that last quip).

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Unless there are significant differences in the amount of homosexuals in either gender, then mathematically they are equal. (One man cheats with another woman). There could be for example, a man that cheats with ten women, I suppose…?

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Cheating is cheating no matter who does it more or less!

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@shared3: no no. If a man who is attached cheats with a woman who is single,
he’s cheating; she’s not.

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@Hollister0221-so where’s the evidence to back that statement (“read women cheat more than they admit”)?

@susanc: without getting into semantics, the idea that a single woman is cheating with a married/partnered man, makes her an accessory to the “crime”;

Here’s an opinion: if the two “cheaters” got together later down the line (assuming the husband left the wife for the mistress), the basis/foundation of that relationship would be based on infidelity, which I think is bad karma to begin with…but that’s my opinion based on my admittedly conservative moral values.

There are plenty of couples that stay the course, in spite of the moral faux pas that preceded the union, which is rather ironic, come to think of it. But “Love” is unpredictable, and in many cases, irrational.

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I don’t have any links, but I’m pretty sure that there are quite a few studies out there that show a higher incidence of cheating among males.

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I have to search the author but a woman wrote a book about women and there dark secrets. Point is back before women were more independent. I agree women were more faithful and men tend to fool around more. But with women becoming more independent and in the workforce hey women have no problem with just picking up and leaving

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and even tho those guys back in the day nave have been unfaithful. The majority never put there wives on the street

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@Hollister0221, based on your last couple of questions (and comments), I’d say you have an axe to grind rather than a question to ask.

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actually I’m happily married. Just thought might be a good topic to discuss

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@shared, what was that bit about homosexuals? Where were you even going with that?

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@monsoon-hopefully I’m not putting words in anyone’s mouth, but I think shared3’s response was purely aiming at quantifying gender, and the assertion implied that if gay/straight relationships were taken into account, that it might skew the data one way or other. I didn’t read it as a rib at homosexuals…did you?

Problem is with the general concept stated above (“read women cheat more than they admit”), is that most surveys of this nature, or “public opinion polls” tend to be selective and lack true scientific objectivity, and are too often specific to a particular geography or locale, and social culture.

To complicate matters, the interpretation of data is often skewed in one direction, so as to support a dissenting opinion to “draw a crowd”, which ultimately makes for poor journalistic practice, and “riding the line” between fact reporting and sensationalism.

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It’s a human nature thing, so therefor it’s equal. Men are just much more louder about it.

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men get labelled cheaters more but women do it too. Its hard to anwser and also to place the blame but one thing is for sure it is wrong and in my opinion in excususble ;sorry for spelling;

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I forgot to mention that women generally become more monogamous as they age due to biological influence.

Most 18–21 year old girls I know are pretty wild.

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@ Spargett: what biological influence? menopause?

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the urge to settle down and start having kids before it’s too late. It does wonders for monogamy. It hits hard in their early to mid 30’s.

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If you ask men this question they are going to say women.

If you ask women this question they are going to say men.

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I am a woman and I think in todays world women cheat more often. I just think women are smarter about it and thats why everyone thinks men cheat more often.

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I have to say that men probably cheat more than women, on a technicality. There’s a comedian who said “When a man introduces a friend to his girlfriend, and the two get along, the man thinks to himself ‘Gee, I hope I can find a woman like that.’ When a woman introduces her friend to her boyfriend, and they get along, she thinks ‘Him. I want Him.’.” I can’t remember who said it, though.

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@RocketSquid: it was Chris Rock. btw welcome to Fluther!

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