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A couple things about Christmas that make you happy (we're talking food, sounds and objects here)

Asked by Jude (32112points) November 22nd, 2010

This music, vintage lights and Christmas candies.

That does it for me.

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Anything chocolate does it for me.

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Food- Tamales. People start selling them soon, yum!

Sounds- Finches. They’re dead now but my mom’s finch birds also felt like the holidays.

Objects- I used to like the garlands hung around street lamps and across the intersections in the small town my grandparents lived in.

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My mom’s rum balls. sooo delicious

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I’m happy every single day, but I love to see the xmas lights.

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Oh, my Mom made one of those ceramic Christmas trees. I loved it. I’m not sure where it is now,

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When my grandmother died, Christmas died for me also.

Her living room with that familiar pine scent and the dozens of unique ornaments that I knew so well from childhood (every year I’d look for them individually on the tree – “Where’s the robot, G’ma? Oh there he is!”) defined Christmas for me. She’s dead, my uncle that took over her house doesn’t do Christmas, so as far as I’m concerned x-mas no longer exists.

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Most of the stores are closed, roads are almost empty and people of all walks of life take a much needed break from it all.

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@FutureMemory You’re welcome at our house. Jon cooks a mean dinner, and my deserts are yummy. I promise I won’t serve you Rudolph. ;)

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@FutureMemory I know how you feel <<Hugs>>

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multi colored christmas lights. fruity candy canes. the smell of ham (thats all year long though). all christmas music…..oh and everything else

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Food: Peppermint Bark (Yum!)

Sounds: Oh Holy Night on the stereo.

Sights: Santa Claus, wherever he may be.

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@FutureMemory My Christmas’s died with my Grandma too! Once she passed, everybody stopped making that extra effort to get together and I wonder if it was all just an illusion….

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I pretty much like everything to do with it. The music (including classical like Bach’s Christmas Oratorio), the movies (Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Carol, Home Alone), the decorations (lights, ornaments, trees), everything. I really enjoy the Christmas season.

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@DominicX ah Christmas Vacation. top notch. i can’t wait to watch it on thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@deni We watch it on Thanksgiving too. I love it and it never fails to make me laugh!!

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Yeah, my family watches it every year sometime before Christmas. It’s become a tradition, along with the George C. Scott version of “A Christmas Carol”.

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The sound of all the voices at the Messiah singalong at St. Bartholomew’s in Manhattan.
It’s with a full choir and orchestra as well.

…and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

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All I want to see when it comes to Christmas is the lights and egg nog. In that order.

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The trinity of Christmas specials: Charlie Brown, Rudolph and the Grinch

Old style Xmas lights (the LED’s are great because of the energy savings, but the old ones look so much prettier) like these for outside and these for the tree.

Vintage Xmas ornaments like these especially ones in the Shiny Brite boxes.

Glittered pinecones (which I made with my nephew on Saturday) like these

Christmas music—especially The Holly and the Ivy, Carol of the Bells, Holly Jolly Christmas and Skating (from the Charlie Brown special).

Foil wrapping paper

The sound of jingle bells and sleigh bells

Ribbon candy like this

The scents of pine trees, hot apple cider, pumpkin pie and fireplaces burning (when you’re standing outside on a cold night)

Glass icicle ornaments like these

Watching A Christmas Carol on TV especially the one with Patrick Stewart and the animated Mickey Mouse version with Donald Duck’s uncle playing Scrooge McDuck and Mr. Toad playing old Fezziwig.

The sound of glass christmas balls rolling across the table and clinking. You can here that sound in the Grinch animated Xmas special in the scene where one of the balls falls off the tree while the Grinch is stealing it and it wakes up Cindy Lou Who.

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Christmas music, lights on the houses, the tree with all the old ornaments, and everyones phony good will. Yeah, I even love that, even though it is phony.

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Does “day off from work” count? :-)

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Twinkly lights

I have no religious beliefs, but I LoVe X-Mas.

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Love Ring Christmas Bells, The Nutcracker, and new on the scene David Archuleta singing Pat a Pan.

I love cookies, I’m talking real ones not mamacake’s cookies, so Christmas is a bonanza! Wedding cookies, almond cookies, iced cookies, spice cookies. I don’t have any particular foods I associate with Christmas since I did not grow up celebrating it. My husband’s family has their regular menu for Christmas, bacalao, picadillo and others.

Chanukah is chocolate gelt and potato pancakes.

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@JLeslie – Hanukkah at my apartment is my roommates bringing back homemade rugulach, kugel and stuffed cabbage from their paternal grandma’s house. We got her stuffed cabbage recipe, but we cannot replicate the Grandma goodness. :(

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” love cookies, I’m talking real ones not mamacake’s cookies”


@Kardamom I like what you like! :)

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I forgot GARLAND. My dad’s house is this big beautiful hundred and fifty year old farm house and in it there is a gorgeous dark wood (dont know what kind) railing that goes up the steps and winds around and along the hallway upstairs. And he always puts garland spiraling up it, with red bows on it. It’s so pretty.

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Cookies, especially cut-out sugar cookies.
Some of the traditional carols.
“It’s Wonderful Life”
“A Christmas Carol” with Patric Stewart.
Sipping hot cider or mulled wine by a well lit and decorated tree at night.
Hot Chocolate and freshly made warm cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.
A few pretty, secretly wrapped gifts under the tree waiting for my loved ones.
Time with family. (Sometimes this can be nice, other times it can be very stressful and sad.)

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For those of you who’ve lost someone close to you and Christmas doesn’t feel the same, perhaps, make new traditions, or carry on your some of the old ones. My Mom was all about Christmas. She passed away a little over three years ago. For me, this is the first year that I’m back into it since her passing. I am heading to the Carolinas to celebrate with my girlfriend’s family, so, I’ll get to experience it through them! Also, during the holidays, I plan on getting into the spirit and, yeah, I’m picking up a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree (well, maybe, a smidge bigger and fuller) and am busting out the vintage ornaments! My Mom would love it if I did!

I love it, too, R.

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Vince Guaraldi’s music from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
A Muppet Christmas Carol. (Light the lamp, not the rat!) And its soundtrack.
My mom’s cooking, including her delicious baked turnip. (Waaayyyy more delicious than it sounds!)
Outdoor coloured lights on the railing, covered by snow, so that the light glows through.

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@mama_cakes What a wonderful answer! :-)

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@mama_cakes my dad died last year December 5th. We didn’t really expect to be joyous last year at Christmas. This year I’m not sure what to think. I’ll just go with whatever comes along.

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@wilma So sorry for your loss. Take it slow and easy. Do what’s comfortable. Don’t let anyone pressure you. Like @mama_cakes is doing, you may be able to ease back into the Christmas holidays sometime down the line. Then you can create some new memories to mix with the old.

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When it’s finally over. Bah-Humbug!

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Great choir music.

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I like the Darlene Love version of Winter Wonderland. It’s older than me, I just like the peppiness of it. Also, the Charlie Brown song.

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Hot eggnog. Crackling fires. Carols. Laughter. Figgy Pudding with custard. Fruit Cake. Fudge. Flickering Candles. Twinkling lights. Wreaths on doors. Santa. Voices of loved ones. Smell of evergreen. Peppermint Lattes. Fine China Creche. “Merry Christmas” ringing in my ears.

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@Sweetpea I just love the sound of the words Figgy Pudding.

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Kardamom…I love figgy pudding, it is tradition in our family…first we pour on a tiny bottle of rum or something then we light it and watch it burn for a bit while singing a Carol or two, then we serve it with custard…it always has money inside…I believe it is a very English tradition.

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