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Does this sound like a bleeding stomach ulcer?

Asked by tan235 (877points) November 26th, 2010

Hi there,
sorry it’s me again asking a paranoid question.
Lately I’ve noticed that my poops are really dark dark brown, i have been taking pepso bismal and i know this affects it but it was also before that ( i was taking tums… like 10 a day) does anyone know if this could be why my poop is so dark, or could it be internal bleeding?
It’s a holiday here till Monday, I do have terrible heart burn but havn’t had it over the last couple of days and i’m assuming if you’re bleeding internally you might have more pain than just dark poop?

anyone know?

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You need to see your doctor. Even if the color is from the pepto rather than melena, you shouldn’t be taking that many a day.

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Dark poop can be caused by bleeding, yes, but it can be caused by less serious things, too, so don’t freak out. But you might want to see a doctor to get some answers.

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Dark stools can also be due to an excess of iron, as well as stomach ulcers.
Stomach ulcers are not necessarily painful either – my dad has them and hasn’t suffered too much pain. But his stools were BLACK, and had a very tarry consistancy (sorry if that’s too much info but might be helpful to have a comparison).

Only a doctor can give you the accurate answers you need – go see one.

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hey @misstrikcy no it’s good, i need to know as i’m freaking out here!
I don’t have any pain either just really dark poop, which isn’t like tar but dark!

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@tan235 If you’re freaking out, why wouldn’t you seek out the expert opinion – your doctor?

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@syz no doctors are open today, it’s black friday .. I have rung about 4.
I’m really freaking out!
I figured if i’m bleeding internally i must have pain right?
I have no pain.

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If it is internal bleeding will prilosec help?

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It could be that, yes, but it might not be. Only a doctor can tell you for certain. Please go and see one.

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Pepto bismol will cause your stools to turn dark.

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What exactly have you eaten over the last few days? What come out is influenced by what’s gone in.

Are you prone to digestive problems that you would suspect a bleeding stomach ulcer? Under a lot of stress? Do you have a burning pain in your stomach? If the answer is no, dark poop is not a stomach ulcer without burning stomach pain.

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