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What is your favourite online radio station?

Asked by dina_didi (1276points) July 17th, 2014

What is your favourite online radio station? Is it free? What kind of music do they play usually?

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I like Pandora. You choose the music.

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Coast to coast am.

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KCEA plays Big Bands. Yes, it’s free.

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I listen mainly two two stations—KUT, our NPR affiliate, for news, commentary and classical music; and KOOP, a community station that plays soft pop during the week, Prairie Home Companion on Saturdays and Big Band on Sunday afternoons. I also have stations set that play pop and soft rock.

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Atlanta’s 99X is dead.

Long live 99X.

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I find stations with iTunes. I also like iHeart Radio and TuneIn. On the iPhone and iPad, there are also apps that connect directly to radio stations; for example, Classical Music, and Folk Music.
Finally, you can Google for individual stations like KUSC, the aforementioned KCEA, KPOA, etc., and stream directly from their websites.
All of these that I’ve mentioned are free.

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I listen to The Jazz Groove via iTunes.

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KCRW Eclectic24 for contemporary music. They play lots of artists who are new to me. It’s very low-key, good for background music.

WFMT for classical

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I like Icecast Radio played through VLC Media Player. Oldies Mexico is one of my fave stations to listen to. It’s mostly latino stuff I like, there’s lots of that on Icecast. But depending on my mood I’ll listen to rock, country or celtic style music too.
I used to use We7 Radio, but don’t have an account there any more.

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Delicious Agony
Progressive Rock Radio

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I set up a Pandora station called Torch Songs Radio. Lots of stuff from the 30’s and 40’s. It currently has over 2 Million listeners.

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Rewound radio for some better music.

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Groove Salad, KEXP and Radio Paradise are what I usually listen too. KEXP is local over the air, so I listen to it that way too.

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Tune In Radio is pinch me I’m dreaming good.

I listen to Drone Zone as I fall asleep every single night.

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650 AM WSM (Grand Ole Opry) It’s free to listen to online and I have the app on my phone and iPad. It’s a country radio station.

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