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How do you use iptables to route using private IP networks?

Asked by linuxgnuru (207points) November 28th, 2010

Ok here’s the situation; I have a private lan ( network) but I need to do some testing without messing up my lan. I have network B (192.168 network) and on my linux server (DNS, squid, httpd) I added a simple alias network (ifconfig eth0:1 192.168.blah) now, how can I use iptables to route anything coming from eth0:1 to the normal network? Should I use NAT?

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You can use the “ip route” command or the “route” command to accomplish this assuming that the network is attached to a separate interface from the 192.168 interface. The interfaces can be separate but the same device afaik, in other words something like

route add -net netmask gw eth0:1

ought to work.

So, now I’ve googled it, this link:

indicates that I’m wrong (maybe) and the route command does not recognize interface aliases but the “ip route” command does. Frankly I prefer the “ip” command anyway, but I used route because it’s more widespread.

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