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Ideas for a mans outfit for a 80s theme club party?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1808points) November 29th, 2010

Anyone got some ideas or suggestions clothes,hair style,etc… To wear for it?

If you have pictures that would help very much.

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IZOD polo shirt
those leather slip on shoes
sweater pulled over shoulder

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Watch some clips from Saturday Night Fever.

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A Member’s Only jacket. And parachute pants.

@WestRiverrat Saturday Night Fever is 1977.

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@mrentropy yeah, but it ushered in the 80s.

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Disco Stu?

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@mrentropy A Member’s Only jacket. And parachute pants.

I actually typed “Members Only jackets and pants with lots of zippers” before I changed my previous answer, lol.

And don’t forget ‘Miami Vice’!

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You could go the metalhead route – tight, light blue jeans, big hair, makeup, boots… a la Vince Neil.

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And a Devo hat.

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My husband wore a leather jacket from back in the day, tight jeans, and aviator sun glasses to an 80’s party. I guess some gel to spike your hair a little, or at least to slick it behind your ear, but not on top, if you have short hair.

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@jaytkay Yeah, white pants, no socks (or hidden socks), boat shoes, pastel shirt, and white suit jacket should do the trick.

And one white glove.

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@jaytkay Gotta love George Michael in his Wham days.

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I’m with @Seelix. Maybe the Axl Rose look?

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Parachute pants like these or this

Michael Jackson’s Thriller look like this

The Boy George look like this

The Dexy’s Midnight runners look like this I couldn’t find a very good picture, but basically you wear a pair of blue jean overalls with no shirt underneath and one of the straps loose and unhooked, a pork pie hat and black tie up shoes (kind of like jazz dancing shoes) with no socks and one of the legs of the overalls rolled up slightly higher than the other.

The preppy look like this but a pink Izod shirt is better and you need to wear Sperry Topsider shoes like these with no socks.

The early Billy Ray Cyrus with a mullet look like this The outfit in the picture isn’t quite the classic look, though. Just get a plaid cotton long sleeved button up shirt and cut the sleeves off, wear tight stone washed jeans and cowboy boots. Here’s another great mullet on Darryl Hall here

Or one of the hair bands like Poison or Duran Duran or Motley Crue

Or the Weird Al Yankovic look like this

You could try the Robert Palmer look like this, but you will have to be surrounded by at least 2 of these girls from his famous video or else no one will get it. Here’s a picture from the video and here’s a better picture of Robert Palmer

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This site has a lot of vintage clothing.

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Definitely the Don Johnson/Miami Vice look. Izod/khakis/topsiders are either 1970’s or this year, if you’re inclined to shop Land’s End.

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Acid washed jeans, pegged and rolled at the bottom. White socks and tennis shoes. Bright polo shirt with the collar up. Members Only jacket with sleeves pushed up.

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It would be pretty easy to find the pieces to a Gordon Gekko look. Suspenders, blue shirt with white collar and a tie.

But the others are more recognizable and probably more expensive and more difficult to locate all of the parts to.

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Take your cue from a (very) young Ricky Gervais. Granted, looking like David Bowie, as Gervais did in his youth, can only help…

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this string is bringing back way too many bad memories. AHHHHHHH make the 80’s go away! I can’t take it anymore. please make it stop!

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