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What is you favorite Man-made activity?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) December 3rd, 2010

Pretty self explanatory…what do you absolutely LOVE to do that is specifically creation of man?? Communing with nature, sex, eating, getting high and Fluthering are not the answers I am looking for. What do you like to do that are the direct result of man’s imagination and ability to create fun and entertainment to get through the day!

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Bicycling. I smile every time I get on a bike, no matter where I am and where I’m headed.

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Watching movies while cuddling.
Being tangled up with someone else is a glorious feeling.

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Tubing ftw :P

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Balancing on the very tops of my big toes while my feet are supported by leather, glue, and satin. : )

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Basketball, Soccer; I just love all kinds of sports :) Am a sportsfreak.

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Naked Twister….girls only when i’m playing! ;¬}

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Sex isn’t man-made, it’s nature, otherwise man would have had to teach animals how to have sex and reproduce. The claim that they have sex for reproduction sake is false also—ever encountered a dog in heat? Just saying… =/

My man-made activity would be playing a musical instrument such as the guitar.

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@Cruiser : Fluther isn’t man made? Do Ben and Andrew know this??? XP

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Writing/filming stories
Playing musical instruments
Futzing with the camera/computer/etc.
Playing cards/board games

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There’s a quote about reading that I love (it sounds much better in Italian, but here’s the English): Of all the pleasures developed by man on this earth, the study of letters is not only the most noble, but also the most lasting – Francesco Petrarca

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Ooh, @Seelix , very good answer.

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@jonsblond I am so there!! Nothing like a lightly liquored up sadistic Captain taking you through the boat wake on a tight “whip it good turn” and being ejected 12’ into the air at 50 mph!!

Oh @JilltheTooth…be the rebel that you are and pick Futher as your fav!! XP

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Boating. I love being able to see the land from the perspective of the water. I also love being out on the water.

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@Cruiser : Believe me, after a week of being stay-at-home sick, Fluther is my second favorite man-made activity. Anything with Sudafed is my First!

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Billiards, Photography, Archery…

i likes to shoot

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Definitely reading/writing. In the past week, I read a tribute poem written by co-workers of my grandfather that was discovered in an old recipe box and two letters written by a 75 year old woman who sent them to my grandmother that have been tucked away in a small glove box. All three documents made me cry as I learned about relatives that impacted how I turned out despite never knowing them.

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Art,golf and KYA.

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@lucillelucillelucille KYA is all natural and no extra charge! ;D

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What @Seelix said.

And thanks to those like @rpm_pseud0name for doing what @rpm_pseud0name said so that @Seelix get to do it.

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If sex doesn’t count, does porn?

I like any creative activity; especially love. Love is man made, isn’t it? Isn’t that why they call it making love?

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Got to go with reading even though @Seelix already said it and with a quote from Petrarch, no less!

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Twisting the right hand grip on my Kaw and feeling the rush of horsepower push my eyeballs into their sockets.

But I’d still vote for “sex” as #1. (But it doesn’t count.)

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Well, if you’re excluding SEX, then the next on my list would be playing video games, writing, and listening to music.

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watching tv. video games, listening to music.

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Video games (90% of my personal time), chess and reading books.

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In order of how much I enjoy them… I present to you…

My Favorite Human-Invented Activities and Hobbies

1. Target shooting/gun collecting
2. Writing Poetry
3. Photography
4. Writing Fiction
5. Reading/book collecting
6. Guitar/music composition
7. Sculpture/pottery
8. Painting
9. Dressing up in period costumes
10. Raising hell and partying hard

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These are a few of my favorite things:
Ice skating (I’ve only been skating at a rink, never, unfortunately on a lake or pond)
Craftsman-style houses (like the Gamble house in Pasadena, CA) here
Great novels
Cuisine (as opposed to just eating berries off of a bush or digging up roots or eating grubs )
Domesticated pets (as opposed to trying to rub the tummy of a wolf or a wildcat)
Air Stream trailers like this
Las Vegas
Cheese like this and this” and this
Recorded music
Frank Lloyd Wright houses like Falling Water, Taliesen West and Hollyhock House
Cooking shows
Vintage Glass Christmas ornaments like these
Pointy Keds tennis shoes like these
Severus Snape (technically woman-made by J.K. Rowlings)
Sleigh bells
Hand sanitizer
Beatle boots like these
Colored pencils and glitter glue
1950’s era California pottery like this
Stained glass windows like this
Coleman LED camping lanterns like this
Blue ice
And vacuum insulated food thermoses like this

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@Kardamom I started singing your response in my head without even meaning to! haha—Those are a few of your favorite things! : )

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