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In gambling, if a game goes into overtime, is the spread nullified (and thus all bets off/lost)?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2716points) December 5th, 2010

The same goes for win/lose and over/under. Just want to know if overtime is a win for the big man no matter what.

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It all depends on what type of gambling you’re talking about, what’s the game?

In poker, for example, you just raise the bet at set intervals which eventually will send a player all in almost every hand and produces a winner—eventually.

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No. (It would be nice if bets were off, but the big man won’t make his bread that way. And if all bets were lost, the big man would lose his customers. So they just use the numbers at the end of OT to pay off.)

The biggest pain in the world is when you bet a 10-point dog, and spend the last two minutes praying for the game just to bloody end so you cover, but it goes into OT where the favorites win by 12. Similarly, hitting your under in regulation, but losing it in OT sucks very, very hard.

On the other hand, you might’ve bet the favorite, so in the last minute, the only hope you have is that the game goes to OT, so you find yourself yelling for a tie.

Sports wagering completely screws the way we look at a ballgame.

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@HearTheSilence there are no “spreads” in poker!

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Like @chielamangus said, the all OT points are counted toward the final spread.

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@JonnyCeltics yeah I noticed that after the fact, either way with all gambling no one wants to lose money—there is always a winner.

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the bookie gets his vig either way, so he’s got no reason to worry about OT. @chielamangus got it right.

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