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Can anyone help me get the best deal on my Christmas shopping to cross these items off my list?

Asked by gambitking (4201points) December 8th, 2010

Being the smart shopper I am, I know I can get good deals on popular gift types at Christmas. But I’m having trouble nailing them down, so I need the collective’s help.

Between today (Wed. 12/8) and this upcoming weekend, I’d like to cross two items off my list at once and I want to get a good deal so I don’t stretch my gifting budget too thin. The items I’m buying are video games. Here’s the details of what I need:

One New Wii game (recently released, regular retail 49.99)
One New Xbox360 game (recently released, regular 59.99)

I live in zip code 75701 and I have the following stores nearby:
Walmart, ToysRus, Gamestop, Best Buy, Hastings.

I will only be able to purchase these items in store, so online buying is not an option for me.

Can anyone help me find the best deal to get these two items at a brick and mortar store for the lowest total price? I’m SO frustrated searching coupon sites, outdated weekly circulars and googling ”<Store Name> Specials” with marginal and mixed results. HELP!

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You seemed to have checked out all the possible options though I’m not sure why you are looking in outdated weekly circulars unless you are only looking on the internet, rather than in the local Sunday paper where the current ones usually are. And I’m not sure if it’s possible to do what you want anyway. I think all the stores you mention are going to have the same prices for new, recently released Wii and Xbox360 games.

The only thing I can suggest is if you have any games or game hardware that you don’t want any more you can take them to Gamestop and they will maybe give you trade in value for it. It depends on the stuff you’re bringing, on it’s resale value but I don’t think you have to trade Wii for Wii or Xbox for Xbox, they will give you store credit on the value of what you bring in to trade and you can spend the trade on anything in the store, at least I’m pretty sure you can do that. If you think you might have something you can trade give one of the Gamebox in your area a call.

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@lilycoyote thanks for the input, but I’m looking for the best deal regardless of the mode of purchase (ie trading in games)

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So you might be able to find them online if you have a local public selling site (here it’s called kijiji and I can sell anything locally), some stuff is new, most used…
Another option is if you have a “points” card for a store (ie if you have 1 million points you get 10% off )

So….good luck

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@gambitking Good luck but I just don’t think that you’re going to find new, rather than used recently released Wii and Xbox games significantly cheaper in one of the stores you mentioned v.s. another. They’re all pretty competitive and when I look for recently released games for my Wii and they’re $49.99, they are, sadly, always $49.99, wherever I go. Someone else here might know way to get a new game cheaper somewhere but I don’t, if you have to purchase them in the store, rather than online.

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I almost always find the best prices at Hastings. I just got a new Wii console to replace my old one there for $30 less than at Walmart. They often have unadvertised specials on games too, so I would just call them. At least you can get to a real person pretty quickly.

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