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Do you think if a person placed a leech under their eyes to remove dark circles it would work?

Asked by silky1 (1507points) December 9th, 2010

Since the dark circle is nothing but bruised blood anyway.

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Um, I think tea bags are a better solution.

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People would stay so far away from you that your dark circles would not be detected! XD

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Nope, it’s not bruised blood, but thinning skin over the top of dark tissue. You’re better off drinking a bit more water every day and getting more sleep. Leeches aren’t going to do a thing here.

A good moisturiser at night with good water bonding properties as would the old cucumber or chamomile tea bag trick.

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No. Unless you’ve actually been punched in the face then it’s unlikely to be that kind of bruise.
More likely to be a food deficiency or allergy.

Try eating a handfull of pumpkin seeds every day (if you like them of course). They are packed with Zinc and magnesium, very good for clearing up dark circles under the eyes.
It may take a few weeks but it works…

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No. Dark circles under the eye are not bruises. I don’t think this would even work on bruises since its not like an all together puddle under the skin that you can just suck out like a capri sun pouch. The skin doesn’t really work that way.

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Drinking lots of fluids to keep hydrated honey, get lots of nap time (there really is a reason they call it “beauty sleep” lol) and a good “cover up” or concealer under foundation.

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Back away from the leeches!

Water, sleep and good nutrition. That’s what seems to help me when I start to get dark circles. Probably more of a sleep thing for me and sometimes not drinking enough. Pretty healthy eater.

no bugs!

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Um I don’t think that is the best thing to try.

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