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How linked together do you really want your accounts to be?

Asked by BarnacleBill (16078points) December 10th, 2010

When you sign into YouTube, if you have a gmail account, you are asked to link your YouTube account to your gmail account. You are then asked if you want to link your YouTube account to your Facebook account. You have the ability to link Fluther to your Facebook account.

Once you are linked, the record of linking is permanent with the ISP, even if you delete your accounts.

How connected do you really want your internet activities to be? Are you concerned about the trail of breadcrumbs online?

Like all roads leading to Rome, do all roads lead to Facebook?

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Yes, I am concerned. I have refused to link anything.

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It depends on how unimportant it is. Youtube -> Gmail -> Facebook? I don’t have a problem. I wouldn’t link my bank account to my Facebook account, though.

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I don’t do this because I don’t everyone on facebook knowing what I talk about on Fluther. They probably couldn’t handle it lol.

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I don’t link Fluther to’s my space to express myself without judgement

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Wundayatta is Wundayatta, whether of fluther or Facebook or… ooops Amazon knows via Askville. Hmmmm.

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@Blackberry @nebule Are you two that different on Fluther that you don’t want people you know to know your real thoughts and ideas? What kind of life is that if you can’t talk to your friends and family about your honest feelings towards issues? Seems like your friends aren’t real if you can’t BE real with them—-

I am me no matter where I am, and everyone can either accept it or not!

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@Ponderer983 Of course I am the same person and it’s not that I don’t talk to my friends and family about my feelings towards issues. I do. However, I have a very close family and most of my socializing is done with them. I am ‘single’ mother and stay at home to look after my son, so I don’t have a workplace to socialize through or a partner to discuss my innermost thoughts with. To some degree Fluther is pseudo-social life for me. I don’t see the necessity in having all friends and family permeate every aspect of one’s life.

Furthermore, in the early days of my Fluthering I shouted about how fabulous this site was and introduced a couple of people to it. They had a look but weren’t really interested in the site. This is further compounded by the fact that when I do, in real life situations start to talk about some of the things I answer questions about on Fluther, family and friends just aren’t really interested that much.

Since then I have realised that actually it’s a bonus that none of my family or friends are on Fluther any more, because I can freely express things that occasionally I wouldn’t choose to express to them…purely out of respect for their beliefs and interests. However, I don’t write anything on Fluther that I wouldn’t talk to someone about if the subject or issue came up.

So…my real life friends are just as real as my friends on Fluther, who are incidentally very real for me. They are simply two different groups of people with different interests. I don’t see a problem with this at all.

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@nebule Thank you for your explanation! It is good to know your further thoughts on this! I just don’t compartmentalize my friend as much. There are some things I don’t talk about with all of them, but generally I am the same and discuss the same thing with all my friends. I also don’t use Fluther to have or make friends as you have. I use it more for advice and answers to my questions from a broader range of people than the ones I know in person.

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@Ponderer983 Well, I guess some would care and some would not. But there is also no reason to ask everyone on facebook when I ask a question on here, and there’s no reason to share a question I’m interested with everyone. Most people already know I’m interested in a lot of things, and they know how I feel about controversial issues, but only one or two people actually care enough to discuss them with me and I talk to them in person.

I don’t want force people to have a conversation with me if they don’t want to.

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I hate it…

I really hate it when I’m on stumbleupon and I “thumb up” a picture of a sexy lingerie-clad woman and then stumbleupon is like “HEY FIDDLE BASTARD, IMMA POST THIS ON YOUR FACEBOOK WALL WHERE YOUR GRANDPARENTS CAN SEE THAT YOU LIKE NUDIE GIRLS”

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I think it’s annoying and a bit creepy that by linking everything, even my grandma will know when I’m off to go take a dump. (Thanks for the idea Creole lmao. XD) I’m very careful to not link anything together, it’s bad enough that it seems most of my normal e-mail addresses, which I have three of, seem to be linked to places that I never mentioned them in. And I don’t even know how that happened.
I think it’s pretty bad and I can see it now, when I go to pay for food at the grocer’s, the cashier will say something about my Facebook or something.

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I do not like this idea of making everything, everywhere accessible, all in one place.

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