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What can I do to make my site better?

Asked by theichibun (2237points) December 13th, 2010

I’ve been working on Juggle Chainsaws and would love some suggestions for how I can make it better.

Anything you can throw my way would be great.

And yes, I got permission to post this. The mods know about it, so it’s not spam.

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This is just a look at the design and there are some points where you could improve:

Your menus are really nice, the social networking integration is well done too. I like the layout of the page and think the way you’re displaying information is logical. The homepage has a good flow to it.

One thing I would say is that the images for the posts don’t show the important parts of the images, or they are distorted. e.g. the Elevator Action graphic is stretched way too much to look ok.

There’s an error on some of your posts, it looks like an iframe accessing a remote page on Facebook(presumably the like button) and the error returned is “Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error.”.

Also the big green thumb looks out of place. If you must have it I would suggest bringing its style in line with the logo (add a tiny bit of gloss or something similar). It’s also really big.

I like the image boxes in your posts, but in Chrome at least the images aren’t centered in their containing div (div id=“attachment_xxxx”) so the images are up against the left of the div and look awkward. A “padding-left” of about 5px in your stylesheet ought to fix that.

The logo’s reflection is too strong in my opinion, and it’s displacing the image so the important information isn’t in line with your by-line (try adding a top margin so the logo’s text is aligned with the by-line (and then move the by-line further right).

I would either remove the reflections altogether, or reduce the opacity of both reflections and then make it ‘feather’ out so that it looks realistic. I would also adjust the taper of the shadow, at the moment it’s too angled. I would also make the red gradient in the letters a bit less obvious just to soften the logo a bit. If you want to make it stand out more I would make the colours of the background (dots) less strong e.g. light greys and dark greys rather than black and white. Another thing to play around with is drop shadows and maybe a very slight white ‘glow’ coming from the logo – just something to try out, if it looks crap straight away I would forget it.

I also think the by-line text is too small to be quickly legible with all the outlines etc. I would probably change to a more simple style of text or remove some of the thick lines. Here the shadow doesn’t line up at all and in my opinion is superflous.

The background image down the page is distracting, try a more muted and simple style, for example here on Fluther a simple motif is visible at the top of the page but then fades into solid colour – you don’t always need something exciting happening back there because __your content is the most important part__. Gradients give this effect while also making the page seem to have depth, give it a try perhaps (but make it subtle).

I would center or at least add padding to the copyright text, at the moment it is up against the edge of the box it’s in and it looks strange.

There are a few typos around the place, I would go through and proof-read everything. It’s not such a big deal for posts themselves, but when they occur in site-wide content it looks unprofessional. e.g. you’re missing an ‘e’ on ‘please’ in the ‘What this is all about” section.

Overall this is a nice site – good content, good layout etc. most of my points are just nit-picking and tweaks/ error debugging. Good luck!

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Small add on to that:
The way your recent posts are organized looks more like a gallery. I feel that viewers will pass over important information. :/ Might just be me though.

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