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Could anyone recommend a good browser game to me?

Asked by squarehead (1points) December 16th, 2010

Could anybody recommend a good browser game for me to play? I’m a girl, like fashion but I’m not that crazy about it, like sports, don’t like violence…any ideas??

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Mummys Gold Casino. its free and lots of games to play.

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Try this, it’ll have you laughing all the way to Christmas & beyond…..enjoy… Lol…..

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Winter Bells… beautiful, easy to learn, and addictive as black tar heroin

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Winter Bells, and pretty much anything from Orisinal is great.

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You would always get down to vNES

Although depending on how old you are you may not have appreciation for old school nintendo games.

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Try Aeria Games’ DDTank
It is a cute little Worms clone

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