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Can anyone list the ingredients in Keratinology Keratin Enhancement Therapy?

Asked by BraveWarrior (1330points) December 16th, 2010

I’m not asking for pros & cons or opinions about Brazilian or keratin hair treatments. Are there any hair professionals on Fluther who can list for me the actual ingredients of the Keratinology Keratin Enhancement Therapy? I have spent a lot of time looking online but have been unable to find an ingredient list. In addition to the formaldehyde/aldehyde debate, I’m also looking for other possible allergins so a list from the actual bottle would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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The product is a trademark registered to Parawest of Englewood, NJ. The contact for the company is listed as being Ellen Gilmore, Suite 700 , 100 W. Cypress Creek Road , Fort Lauderdale FL 33309. I would write her a letter and ask for an ingredients list.

Another alternative is to find an online retailer such as this and click their “Contact Us” link (in this case it gives a phone number of 1(718)-909–9909). I would call them as though you were going to place an order and ask them to read you the ingredients list.

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