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How can I support my Ideas in maths using facts and figures?

Asked by Luiveton (4162points) December 17th, 2010

I know this is stupid, but when a question in maths asks you to support your ideas with facts and figures and diagrams, what exactly do they mean, and what examples can I use or what sort of diagrams?

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Show your work… the process you used to get to the answer. maybe

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It’s asking you to be thorough in your answers. So rather than just proving that you know the right answer, it wants you to prove that you know how to arrive at the right answer.

Basically it’s a safeguard against people copying the answers out of the back of the book

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They want you to show your work because you are more likely to understand how to do the problem by showing your work, and are more likely to catch an error. Generally, if you show your work, you may get partial credit for a problem with a wrong answer if the instructor can see that you know what you’re doing and can identify where you went wrong.

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Show your work, use graphs and diagrams when appropriate. They just want you to show everything you did to got the answer and if drawing a picture (geometry) or a graph (algebra/calculus) would be applicable then it can supplement your answer.

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Here is an example from a student of mine.

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@finkelitis : your link isn’t working

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It is working, thank you !

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