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What is that aroma or sound you love to smell or hear when you come home or enter a house?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) July 14th, 2009

back in the day, people used to cook at home. i remember playing outside and smelling dinner as it cooked. i don’t know if those days exist any more, since our kids don’t play outside these days. but the best thing is walking in the house and smelling onions, rosemary and chicken. the best sounds are water and music.

what sensory thrills catapult you into “home” orgasms?

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I live with my sister and she bakes a lot of bread. I walk into a lot of Garlic and fresh bread smells while NOFX is playing in the background.

It works for me.

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@ryanpowell yeah, smells and sounds work for me too. i have to agree. if the music is right and i hear trickling water, with aromas of basil and other herbs along with fresh flowers, i will stay all night.

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Baked goods (sweets)

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Fresh laundry.

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Anything roasting in the oven or a good pot of chili.

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@Sarcasm when i run early in the morning and people are washing and drying clothes, i love that fresh laundry smell from the blowers!

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Laundry or just that fresh clean scent. If something is cooking, it generally scares me, that means I’ll see a messed up kitchen and my husband has been experimenting, which usually results in take-out.

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i like the sound of rotary sprinklers. you know? like early in the morning? that thfft fthfft fthfft spush spush spit spit sound? that sprinkler that spikes in the ground and spits water.

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my favourite mornings start when i wake up and i can hear the coffee put being all “gurglegurgledrinkmechkchkchkgurgle” and i can smell it as soon as i open my door.

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When I come home, I usually get the scent of Japanese Blossom (my Bath and Body Works plug-in) that I have by my entrance way. That is mixed with a “caramelly” coffee smell (I grind my own every morning, and, so, my place always seems to have that smell), and with candle from B & B called “Firewood” ( a spicey smell), and, finally, add the smell of fresh air (that blows through my patio doors)—all of these smells meld together and form an amazing scent.

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Freshly baked cookies, pumpkin bread and/or coffee.

@charliecompany34 Those days do still exist. My family gets to come home to some wonderful home cooked meals!

My favorite sounds come from outside at night when I have the windows open and I go to bed. Crickets, frogs and coyote.

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Silence and the smell of a recently cleaned apartment.

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Pot roast

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@jonsblond oh wow. i forgot about that cricket sound. here in the midwest,. we have experienced a really cool summer for some reason here and that “cricket” sound is nonexistent.

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@charliecompany34 I’m in central Illinois and know what you mean about the weather. I wore a sweatshirt on the 4th of July for crickets sake!

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Fresh homemade banana bread
with chocolate chips.

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@jonsblond yup! i was BBQuing that day and it was chilly, wet and windy. coolest 4th i’ve know in all my 45 years on earth. we still had a good time tho…

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onions and hamburger in a pan. Oh boy!!!!

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Whenever my wife cooks curry based dishes, I can still smell a faint aroma of it in the air when I come home from work 12 hours later. It’s actually quite nice and not overbearing like you would experience in an Indian restaurant, for instance.

As far as sounds are concerned, it’s always pleasant to hear 1 or more of my 5 cats meowing at me and welcoming me home after work as I step in the door.

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Pizza and beer!

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I love the smell of cinnamon around Christmastime.

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Of course music and cooking smells. But also I love the smell of sawdust and the sound of a hand plane when my fella’s in the shop.

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There is nothing like waking up to or entering a home to find the aromas of fresh brewed coffee, frying bacon and baking bread. After a hard day, its very relaxing coming home to some nice music with the sound of a gentle water fountain trickling, perhaps some incense burning and a cold beer or perhaps an Irish or Mexican coffee (depending on the season) and/or something interesting to smoke. And if upon returning to your home, after bowling league or poker night, you hear the whirlpool tub jets running, smell scented candles alit, hear great music playing and find your lovers stripped off clothes in a trail leading to the hot tub….well, I suspect you are in for some fun! The aromas and sounds of living! See ya…wtf

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I burn Cinnamon candles all the time. I love the smell so much, it just makes me happy. I love to walk in after a long day and smell my cinnamon. I also love to hear the sound of my husbands keys when he walks in the house. I would know the sound of his keys anywhere.

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The smell of autumn. I’m not a great fan of the season but it has a particular smell about it that’s so relaxing and the air is nice and cool.
I love the smell of clean laundry and Clorox wipes. Probably mostly because that means the house is clean and I don’t have to do it again for a few days!
Pumpkin Pie. Fresh cut grass. Bath and Body Works Orange Ginger in the oil burner.
There’s at least two fountains going on in this house all the time and usually different music in each room. I love fans so there is at least one fan on all the time too.

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I did say cookies, right?

I did.

Just checking. But, yeah, cookies. Chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies.

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When I walked into my Granny’s house, I loved the smell of chicken and noodles cooking. It was her specialty with homemade noodles. Now I make it for my family. Anyway, you put allspice in it, so I think the distinct aroma that turns me on is allspice.

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Coffee waking up in the morning, my moms home cooking coming home from work. BBQ on summer days trailing through the neighborhood!

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ooooh home baked lemon cake?

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Bits of Ray Liotta’s brains sizzling in a pan.

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Recently feel in love with:
Venetian Chicken cooking in white wine..mmmmm

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No one cooked in my house except me. My favorite house smell is in the spring when we keep our screen doors and windows open. Especially right after you vacuum. Thats so odd. The smell of dust and spring air makes me happy

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