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Bleeding and stomach pain?

Asked by xStarlightx (411points) December 22nd, 2010

This has been going on for about a month now but I’ve been having horrible stomach pain as well as off and on rectal bleeding. Ive also have had really bad nausea and dizziness. Ive been to the ER about four times I’d say and they keep saying nothing is wrong.

The pain is so intense sometimes that I can’t move for hours. I haven’t had much of an appetite and I’ve been trying to drink more water.

Am I going crazy?
What should I do?

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Try another hospital?
That is what I would do.

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@Dog Ive tried three different hospitals.

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Find a doctor you trust – if you don’t trust your family doctor, but trust a specialist then you can ask them for a referral. Otherwise, just keep going in. Even if they can’t find what’s wrong, nothing about rectal bleeding is normal or ok.

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Stomach pain? Right side? Left side? Center? High up near your breast? Low down near where mensrtual cramps would be? Assuming you are female.

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Have you had a colonoscopy? You need an internist to give you a comprehensive evaluation/physical. The ER doesn’t have the time to do that.

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@papayalily Up higher, kinda like right below my chest.

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It’s time to find a good doctor. ERs aren’t always what they are cracked up to be, people are human and can miss things.

Try to remember what tests they have run, and try to get copies of the results. It may take some time, and some hospitals will charge a nominal fee- but it can save you some time. Also, make a list of your diet and any other changes in your health. Weight loss, weight gain. Sleep changes, just write it all down.

Get to a doctor, and make sure when you are booking the appointment, you tell them that you’ve had this issue for a month. Make sure they understand that you are in a lot of pain and being seen in the ER has not helped you, to date. Be exact about the pain and location of the pain.

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@xStarlightx In the center? Or, to the right?

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The only problem is I can only be seen in the ER because of my shitty ass lack of insurance.

@JLeslie Right and the pain moves to the center.

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@xStarlightx Did they do an ultrasound? To look for gall stones?

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@xStarlightx: I understand. Are you in an area that offers any sliding scale medical clinics?

Also, when you have gone to the ER, have they run a lot of tests or just kind of “hit and run” treatment?

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@all I, in no way mean to imply that all ERs are bad. However, I have experienced a few issues in the past. I know that sometimes, they are operating under the constraints of insurance regulations and what they are allowed to actually do, at the time.

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@cak No need to explain. ER’s basically only care that you don’t die on their watch.

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My Gallbladder has been removed

The ERs have run blood test during most visits, they also do test on my bodily functions and found nothing. they’ve checked for a lot of causes but nothing has been conclusive

I have factor five but there’s been no proof of it being the cause from both test and doctor opinions.

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What color is the blood, bright red or darker older looking?

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Have you been constipated? Being constipated can cause pain all the way up to your esophagus, and anywhere in between. Do you get relief from your pain when you have a bowel movement?

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I’ll admit, I don’t know what factor five is, so I’m googling away!

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bright red is my blood color and my factor five untreated makes it clot very VERY quickly to me being at high risk of a stroke and other blood clots, my pro time(time for clotting) currently is in a good range(meaning it’s about normal). No I haven’t been constipated

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Hmmm. It doesn’t seem likely the pain and the blood are related. But, I always say all symptoms count. Did they push on your lower right side to see if the pain was much worse when they took their hand away? That is appendix.

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My cousins daughter had stomach pain, went to the ER, they sent her home with pain meds, she went to bed and died.
You need to at the least get a barium enema and X-ray and at best a colonoscopy. If they haven’t done either of these and still say you’re alright, find a doctor who will do it. Your life may depend on it!

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Wait, is the “stomach” pain constant? Never goes away in the last month, just worse at times?

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Did they do an xray?

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I’m just shocked that they haven’t done any imaging studies. Then again, when I go to the hospital, they run every test know to mankind.

I don’t really have a good answer for you, it sounds silly to tell you to go back, but pain and blood need to be investigated.

I’m going to through something silly out; is there any chance you could have hemorrhoids? They could cause the rectal bleeding. Just know what someone in my family went through and he went to the ER scared to death.

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Another question, are you on blood thinners?

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@Judi, I’ve made sure to get IRs and Xrays and they checked for clots, nothing’s come up

@JL my Appendix and it did hurt. Yes I’m on blood thinners and yes they did X-rays

@cak they have done imaging(Xrays and stuff). the Hemorrhoids are out of the question I’d think the doctor would inform me

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@xStarlightx – I know before my appendectomy, they did a CT scan, not just a regular xray. I didn’t have any bleeding (stool) or anything like that, but pain that got progressively worse. Also a lot of nausea and vomiting. Do you have any kind of temperature, any sign of any type of infection?

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what are signs of infection? and I have chills, I don’t have a way of checking my temp at home

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@xStarlightx: Do you have a temperature? Swollen glands, anything like those general indicators? Any other symptoms?

I know when I had to take Plavix (blood thinner), before my cerebral aneurysm surgery it didn’t agree with me. I had some issues with pain and lots of bruising. I didn’t have any bleeding to speak of, so I wouldn’t know if this could be a medication issue. Assuming you are on a blood thinner.

I understand you aren’t insured, but when was the last time you were able to see a regular doctor. An internist might be a good person for you to see. I also read that you need a hematologist? Have you tried talking to a doctor’s office to see if they offer different rates to cash patients? I know my doctor’s office reduces fees, up to 30% for uninsured patients. It’s worth a call to a doctor’s office (try several) to see what they can offer. Also, talk to them about lab services. See if they can work with you on those fees.

Unfortunately, your best answer is to go to a doctor for a thorough check up. None of us can truly diagnose you. And I have no medical license, I don’t even want to try! It’s going to be up to you to start doing some legwork for some sliding scale clinics, or possible reduced fee doctor’s offices.

I know it’s difficult, but they are out there, you just have to start digging in your area. I wish I could help you more, but I don’t want to lead you down the wrong path.

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@xStarlightx They would have checked your white blood count if they ran blood tests, which should show infection, and fever is a sign of infection. However, I know a couple of people who did not have appendicitis diagnosed until a 4th or 5th trip to the emergency room. White blood cell counts are not always elevated. Feeling more pain when the pressure is released after pushing on the area with your hand/fingers is classic appendicitis.

The scarrier possibility is aortic aneurism, but I know much less about it, and am not sure your symptoms match or not. If the aneurism is growing, it will put pressure on other areas of the chest. Especially scary because you are on blood thinners, but I believe that would show on a chest xray, and if they did an xray, I think they would have been ruling that out. ER would have run a CBC and heart enzymes, and done a chest xray to rule out heart troubles most likely.

Since you are on blood thinner rectal bleeding is not that strange if you have had to strain at all for a bowel movement, or possibly have a small cut, tear, or hemorroid. Since the blood is red, that means you are bleeding close to the end of the colon or rectum. When you are bleeding higher up, the blood would look like old blood, or tarry. I am not saying don’t be concerned, just saying some possibilities.

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Thank you all especially @cak and @JLeslie

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@xStarlightx Most of our doctors are asleep probably. You will most likely get more answers in the morning. We have a few docs who are GP’s and do gastro. They might be much more helpful.

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I added to your topics at the top to try to trigger more responses. Good luck.

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@JLeslie How do you add topics to someone else’s question?

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@papayalily I am a topic editor.

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I found out my temp 94.9 under my tounge and under my arm it was 95.8 but I’m feeling warm

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@xStarlightx That is very low. Do you usually run low temps?

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No and I’m also feeling very tired

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@xStarlightx Well, if you have been losing blood your iron could be low which would make you lethargic. Plus, just the pain and stress could make you tired. The temp is not so low that it is worrisome, it is still in the normal range. I don’t want you to be concerned about your temperature.

I need to log off now. I hope you can get an answer soon. I know how frustrating it is to know you are sick, and be told everyting is normal.

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A little advice. Stay away from nuts and hard raw vegetables like raw carrots. If you do have a small tear in you colon nuts and things like that might continue to aggrivate it, not letting it heal.

Also, I know I was focusing on appendix, but that would be if the pain is radiating. Appendix is usually lower right pain, but you have so e other symptoms that could be appendix. Still, I wanted to clairfy. Right side is a lot of organs, Liver, appendix, intestines are everywhere.

And the reason I said it sound like the blood and the pain seem unrelated, is because the left side of the colon is the decending side, and the side most likely to be bleeding, but your pain is upper right side. Still, pain can moove anywhere, and problems in the lower intestines can back things up and cause pressure in the upper intestines and organs.

I just felt I need to clarify what I have in my head.

Are you feeling any better today?

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@xStarlightx A few clarifying questions:

- In what general area (country/region) do you live?
– Have you traveled lately? Do you have diarrhea or constipation?
– Have you started or stopped any medication recently?

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