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Where do Archer and Fable come from?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38980points) December 23rd, 2010

Okay, this is driving Alex and me bonkers so please help! I was on StumbleUpon and I ran into this (and Girl Gone Child? Really? anyway…) and was like ‘Her kids are named Archer and Fable, how weird’ out loud and Alex said ‘Where have I heard those names before?’ and I said ‘There can’t be another mom out there who has named her kids that, can there?’ and so then he looked up baby names and, apparently, if there are siblings and one is named Archer, the other one is usually named Fable (and vice versa)...and so Alex set off in search of a story and though he found plenty of fables about random archers, he didn’t find any information on a song or a book or a thing containing Fable and Archers as characters…

So, the Google God has failed me…for once…now, I need you guys to help…if you’ve ever read anything where those two names came up, can you please please link me to it or tell me about it?...otherwise, I’ll just have to get over it and figure she’s just crazy.

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There is a computer game called Fable where the ruler was called the Archon. That’s all that I can come up with that’s close

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@diavolobella Yes, interesting interesting…I wonder.

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There is also the fable (Aesop) of the Archer and the Lion. This is intriguing. I’m finding nothing.

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@diavolobella Yes, I saw that – maybe that’s why those two names are connected.

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Did you happen to see this? It explains the children’s names.

I immediately thought of the video game, like @diavolobella mentioned, but I can’t find anything on how the two names might be connected. (You can be an archer in Fable…)

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@absalom Yes, ahem, read the details! :)~

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Hmm, yeah I can’t think of anything besides the videogame, Fable

A fable is usually a folk lore, possibly archers? or a person named Archer?

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