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Can a 13 year old publish a book?

Asked by TatumJane (12points) December 24th, 2010

Ok, so i’m almost 13, and i really want to publish a book im in the works of writing, its about a vampire (go figure) and i just think when its over, it could be a success. Its very interesting, and i love it. I just want to know if i can get it published, my only concern is that (i do have kissing scenes, and whatever you call it) they might think i’m too young to know some of the things that are in my book. Like i have a really graphic (making out) scene, and i just really am curious, i might work on it and wait unitl i’m 18 or something, but i really just want to know if i can.

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I’m so curious!

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of course, but i’d rather it weren’t about vampires.

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Of course you can. For several countries, kid book publisher is appropriate as long as it stills in a clear border. You can even publish a book when you’re 4!

But it will depend on you. :) Good luck! .

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Yes. You just have to make yourself marketable.

First, you are going to need to finish your manuscript and proofread/edit it over and over and over again until it is as perfect as it can possibly be.

Then, you have to send a query letter to a bunch of literary agents who work with your genre of writing. Don’t send your manuscript to any publishing houses. They will ignore it if you don’t have an agent.

Keep sending queries to agents. You will be rejected over and over again until you hopefully get lucky and find an agent who will represent your book and try and sell it to a publishing house.

Then you figure out the rest from there. Oh, and be sure and google “how to write a query letter” for proper formatting and tips about content.

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Almost forgot. @TatumJane, where do you live and want to publish the book?

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Most definitely. You’ll find this ted talk by Adora Svitak, also a young author – inspiring. She’s also easy to talk to :)

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Legally? It’s kind of a gray area – you will probably need your parents permission, and they would probably get control of any money you earned from it until you were 18. However, there might be ways to get around that, and to put the money in a trust no one could touch until you were 18.

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Yes, but if you can’t do that you can also create a blog.

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@papayalily – Maybe, just for several countries and book publisher industry, you’re allowed. Some areas probably totally different.

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definitely you can, as long as it is clear, interesting and has a continuous track, you’re on.
just be confident and go for it ;)

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have you read the secret diary of Adrian Mole aged Aged 13 ¾?

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Hi @TatumJane :DD I’m also thirteen and I’ve been so interested in writing my own book. It’s a fantasy drama, also an adventure story. But, we’re in the same problem. I also want to know if I can already publish it, or if I’ll just wait til I’m 18. But, just a tip.. Don’t lose hope.. It’s what a great author does.. They’d fight for what they’re writing.. I can see that you have a great future ahead. Remember.. If you want to talk to me, you can contact me via Yahoo!Messenger.. The username is precious_indira. By the way, you inspired me with your great love for writing.. :DD Looking forward to meeting you..

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