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Any ideas for helping a 91 year old blind lady surf the internet?

Asked by easeout (65points) December 25th, 2010

She wont try dragon speak. most of the services online that speak you cant understand them.

I could surf the internet for her. How do blind people use the internet?

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Totally blind, or only mostly blind?

If she is able to see at all, there are magnifying tools built into most modern operating systems for just this purpose. For Windows operating systems look under Start->accessories->accessibility Those in combination with an over sized monitor might work for her.

If she is totally blind, there are braille I/O devices she might consider. As a computer science major in the early 80’s there was a blind guy in my class that seemed to do just fine with one of these types of devices. I’m sure the technology has improved since then.

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You should get windows 7 if you’ve not already got it. The Windows 7 Narrator allows you to hear everything on the screen. This makes it possible for a blind person to use the computer if it has 7 installed. The Win 7 narrator will tell you what the mouse is hovering over along with telling you what is on the entire screen verbally. The narrator also supports audio description in video playback.
Regarding reading web pages there are various programs that will do that , one is IBMs easy web browser link anothe rone is you just have to search around for the most suitable/cost effective web browser software for the blind.

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Give this a read.

The best part is the last few paragraphs.

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I would definitly do it through you, you never know what she could come accross.

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I believe screen readers are the main way to surf the internet specifically designed for those with vision issues. If she’s comfortable with the computer, they are made to be easy to use.

Intro to screen readers from wikipedia
Several screen readers listed

I haven’t kept up with recent developments as well as I should, but JAWS used to be one of the more popular pieces of software (developer site and Wiki article)

Searching for “screen reader” on google would give some places to start. If you have a local school for the blind, they may be a great resource as well.

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