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We're about to have a barking good time! DOG just made it to the 20 Puppy Mansion!

Asked by Allie (17436points) December 25th, 2010

Our lovely Dog has entered the 20k Mansion! She’s is absolutely the best! A best friend, a caring individual, always happy and full of life, and willing to help anyone. She’s one of the best mods this place has seen… and I think the rest of the team would agree. She’s been nothing but an amazing friend to me, personally, as well as to many of you. About that I have no doubts. This place better get puppy-friendly real quick! <3
P.S. – I think we have a winner in the closest guess game.

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I will put down the newspapers in the kitchen.

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A good mod and a good jelly, congratulations!

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Congrats Dog! You’re a great mod!

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This is good. Doggie’s one of the sweetest people I’ve known, not to mention of Fluther.

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<—-Zuppy sez; Yay! My buddy Dog! You can have my chewed rawhide toy and some snausages from ny Christmas stocking! Woof! < jumps up and down barking, runs in circles, wagging> Here’s a big happy butt sniff for you! Congrats!!!
You’re truly one of my faves here, ninjas forever!

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Doggie treats all ‘round! Congratulations!

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Woo hoo! Congratulations!

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Great job Dog, nicely done :-)

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Yaay! Congratulations! Who’s a goooo mod? Whooooo’s a goooooo mod? Oooooooooo, what a good mod you are. Sorry @downtide inspired that bit of sillyness.
Seriously, you were the first to be kind to me when I came here and that has been an unfailing character trait in you. I’m gad to see you here.
About the snacks – are there snausages? ;-)
(Tu sei molto gentile)

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thank you for being a great mod! Congratulations

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Extra rawhide doggy chews.

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Thanks and congratulations Dog for all your kindness and good judgment in your contributions here on fluther.

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Cheers \o/\o/o\/o\/!!! High fives o/\o o/\o o/\o
To a very deserving person. I love your contributions and your helpfulness. You rock!

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What a timely arrival, Dog. Just in time for the huge Christmas Gala at the 20K Mansion. Congratulations.

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Congratulations Dog!!! I hope you had a great day today and this celebration just added to your joyfulness!!!

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Town Dog congratulates your accomplishment! and so do I.


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Good Job, Dog. You’re an awesome person and I’m glad you’ve been housebroken.

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Bring out the Milk Bones and Scooby Snacks! @Dog is a very fine jelly, a great mod and fair to everyone. Dog makes Fluther a really nice place to be. Thanks for being here Stella Dog.

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Congratulations, @Dog! Welcome to the 20k mansion. You are so deserving of all the lurve you have engendered. You are kind and wise. No wonder you are a great mod as well as a wonderful addition to the Collective.

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Good dog! That’s a gooooood dog!!!

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Here‘s a cupcake for your owner, and here are some treats for you! I’ll be joining you…eventually!

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“Delete a Troll”
tappity tappity tap

Best DOG Ever!

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This is awesome news! Congratulations Dog. What a cool Christmas present! Well deserved by one of the most patient folks I know…

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What a great Christmas gift. You are one of my favorite things about fluther. Congrats!

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Congratulations Dog! :)

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MIlo here: Even I can muster up some enthusiasm for Dog’s timely arrival. Only unusually special dogs earn that high praise from me. Here’s a nice spot in front of the fire for you, next to me. (Have I mentioned “me” recently?)

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CONGRATULATIONS, DOG! Thank you for being a great mod and a great jelly!

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Time to rechristen the castle “The Doghouse”.
Wecome to Club 20K! Congratulations to my favorite canine!

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Woof, woof, bark, bark (means welcome to the 20k kennel mansion)

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Congrats Dog, you’re a great member, mod, and person, and you’re one of my favorites on here! Keep up the great work~ :D

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Stellaaaaa! Congratulations, girlie! You are an awesome mod, and an awesome friend. TWINS FOREVER!

Your room, complete with a fully equipped art studio and beds for all your animals, is right next to the wine fridge. Enjoy!

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Congratulations, Dog!!!

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Congratulations dog…..have a bone and some bacon.

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C’mere and get a gritch behind the ears, my Doggie friend. Even we cat lovers don’t pass up a nice nuzzle with a truly special canine. <pat pat pat> Congratulations.

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Spread out the newspapers. Dog’s in the big house!


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Yay! Stella you are the best!

I hope you had a merry merry Christmas and a wonderful wonderful 20K day!

<3 <3 <3

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Awesome!! Congratulations to our resident “mod goddess!” ;)

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Congratulations! :))

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Congratulations! Fine work indeed!

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You can have the bed tonight….ill sleep on the couch.

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Well “dog gone it…it’s all about you Dog!” Con-grat-u-la-tions !!!!!!!!

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Yay! Congrats to a very fine K-9 Jelly! Fine job on the 20 grand!

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Ruff! Arf! Ruff. Ruff. Bow wow. Arf. Ruff Arf. Bow wow wow!

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CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!! Well deservedxx

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@hawaii_jake : Is that Hawaiian for “Ruff! Arf! Ruff. Bow wow. Arf. Ruff Arf. Bow wow wow!”

Hawaii_Jake's avatar

@JilltheTooth : You left out one “Arf”, I believe.


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Awwww! @Dog is so sweet. I’m happy to see you here, @Dog! Happy 20k Boxing Day! Congratulations.

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A hometown girl makes it to the big time! Congratulations to the Spam Ninja, you rock The Collective!

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Aww!!! Thanks everyone! :D

I was late to my own party because of house guests- and the fact that I wanted to be able to actually sit down and read the responses because I knew they would be funny and cheerful!

I was not disappointed! Ha!

Hey I heard that the 20k mansion is on an island and the north shore has some amazing waves! Anyone want to go catch a few?

Come on guys! I have my own longboard now!- Under 20k can come too!

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@Dog – I loved you before for your kindness and consideration and I love you even more for the great Fluther spirit you have shown in the last trying week or so. You are one of the sweetest of the many sweet, sweet people on Fluther.

Mazel Tov Doggie!

(Now please stop licking your genitals and let me scratch your ears!)

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@janbb – what was trying in the last week or so??? I am so oblivious…..

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@rooeytoo The leaving of the Fluther development team (including the founders) for Twitter. See the Blog post.

rooeytoo's avatar

@marinelife – yep I saw that, economics rules the world so no surprise, but it said fluther will continue on with auggie in charge. I thought it was sort of nebulous as to what that may mean.
So do you know something that wasn’t written???

janbb's avatar

@rooeytoo We are all just unsure of how long Fluther may continue without tech or much financial support but more info is supposed to be coming. But I didn’t mean to derail @Dog‘s celebration.

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Congratulations @Dog!! Fabulous to see you up there with all the greats! :-)

rooeytoo's avatar

Me neither, sorry @dog, party on!!!!!

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Congratulations, Dog! You’re sweet and wonderful and thoughtful and someone I admire. Fluther is a much brighter place with you around. :)

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@Dog you got a longboard for reaching 20K? That is so awesome!

Dog's avatar

@SuperMouse Yep! And I hear for 100k you get a Rolls… but that is just a rumor. ;)

@rooeytoo @janbb @marinelife Feel free to discuss anything here! It’s my party and I say we talk about anything.

Head on down to the beach for the bonfire! We have a feast waiting and later we are all going to storm @AstroChuck‘s yacht! (Maybe we can convince him to take us on a small cruise!)

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Congrats @Dog !!!!!!!!

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I’m the 17th GQ and the 63rd post: but it’s the time dif, babes. Lurve ya. Happy 20 KY, jelly.

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@Dog Hell, there are always some nice ones for less than $15k. We can all do fundraisers!


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I was hoping for a silver cloud but times are tough so that will do.~ ;)

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Grats Dog :)

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Dog…...I got treats!!!!!!
Congrats and THANKS for everything.

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Well crap, late for another one. Here’s to a great mod, great jelly, and just a swell person to have on our side. Thanks Dog!
Here’s a treat.

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Late to the party!

Congrats, Dog!!!

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Thanks :D

Ohhh @Fred931 I want the 65! look at those lines! And it is a right-hand driver!!! Awesome!

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@Dog I’ll have @jerv take care of the brake and coolant issues.

Dog's avatar


That is a styling ride!

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Just so you know. Send me your address again on STFU. I lost it when I switched to the new computer. Send it to me and the Wacom will be in the mail ASAP. I know I suck at shipping stuff. And I will even clean the boy juices off it first. :-}

Dog's avatar

I suck at shipping too :D I am heading out to ship stuff today I should have shipped last month.

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W00F!!! Congrats!

Dog's avatar

Thanks @Dutchess_III Did Jellyclaus bring you what you wanted?

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You beat the new years deadline! Your gold star is in the mail. ;-)

Dutchess_III's avatar

Who let the DOG in, WOOF! WOOF WOOF!!
@Dog Well, since I didn’t ask for anything, then yes, he did!

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