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New topic?

Asked by tiil (31points) December 26th, 2010

I would like to add a topic “contemporary art ” How should I proceed?

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You mean to Fluther? You just type it in – you don’t have to only choose pre-existing topics. You do, however, have to ask a question that would have contemporary art as a topic, or else we would have a topic with no questions!

Welcome to Fluther!

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Are you trying to add it to a question or to your profile?

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To my profile.
thanks for responding…

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Well, as far as I know right now it is set up so that you can only add existing topics to your profile. Did you try doing a search for “contemporary art” in the search bar at the top of your Fluther page?

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Merci! it works like that… I was able to find topics I am interested in and to add them….

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Glad that worked. Welcome to Fluther. :)

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And like magic, there it is. You can type topics that don’t pop up automatically, just keep them simple, terms people would search for. :)

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@JLeslie So how many questions with a certain topic does it take for said topic to become official and pop up?

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@papayalily I don’t know if there is some sort of automatic way it is added if entered enough times. I’ll try to find out.

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I ask a question with the topic included and add it to my profile then edit it away so none the wiser

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