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What type of transmisson fluid do I need?

Asked by CoolBunch (83points) December 27th, 2010

I’m looking for some info on what type of transmission fluid I need to get for my 2008 Chrysler Sebring. Suggestions?

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It should tell you in the owner’s manual. Or if you don’t have that, call the chrysler dealer and ask.

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I want to say Chrysler ATF+4, but the information I’m finding online is really sketchy. Apparently, some ATF+5 might be for 2002 & newer vehicles, but another site says ATF+5 doesn’t exist. Your owner’s manual should mention what kind to get like @WestRiverrat said. If that doesn’t show it for some odd reason, go to any chain parts store; they can look it up in their info databases.

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This is good. muchas gracias!

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Most of what I’ve seen also says ATF+4, though a few say ATF+3

I personally would go with the ATF+4.

BTW, here is more than you ever wanted to know about the 40TES/41TES transmission in that car. That page has links to a discussion of fluid for that transmission here , and they are saying ATF+4 for the newer ones.

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