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Are there any printers that print backwards?

Asked by XOIIO (18328points) December 29th, 2010

The idea came to me a while ago. When you are printing, the first page always comes firs, so you have to reorganize all the papers after they are printed. Are there any printers that automatically print the last page first and keep going in that order?

I think it would be pretty damn cool.

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You mean page 1 comes out on the bottom and the rest are piled on top, facing the wrong way? Surely there’s an option that lets you change that. I have printed on at least 30 different printers over time, and I have never seen a document come out like that. Think what it would mean if you were printing a 1000-page manual.

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In properties (for the printer) you should be able to reverse the order.

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…automatically print the last page first and keep going in that order?

That’s common. So when the printing is done the stack is in correct order with page 1 on top.

Either it’s the default on my two HP inkjets or i chose it on day one and now they do that all the time.

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Yup, all of them – it’s called collating. It’s actually not your printer that does that, but the printing settings on the software. On MSWord, if you go to File > Print on the right side in the middle there will be a box that says “Copies” with a box to check that says “Collate”. Check it and voilĂ !

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Oh cool, thanks guys!

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@papayalily – Really? I always thought collate just put copies together (like if you’re printing 10 copies of a 5-page document, they’ll be printed 1–5, 1–5, 1–5 etc. rather than 1, 1, 1 etc.).
I didn’t know it would print last page first as well :)

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@Seelix It does both. Now the real question is: Why is it not the default setting?

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@papayalily I know. I had to look for 5 minutes before finding a “Print from last” box. This should be default, it only makes sense.

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