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If you dated someone with a fetish specific to a certain body part, would you emphasize or "dress up" that body part to please them?

Asked by jca (36043points) December 29th, 2010

I am thinking of a foot fetish, but this would go for any fetish about a body part. If you dated someone with a fetish specific to a certain body part, would you emphasize that body part to please them? In the example of foot fetish, would you make sure your feet were looking their most beautiful best? I didn’t put foot fetish in the question, because I don’t want this to be only about foot fetish. It is a general question.

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Probably. I probably wouldn’t do it all the time, but for special occasions, I would definitely do it.

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Depends on what dressing it up entails. Putting on cute shoes? Sure. Putting on cute shoes that hurt and aren’t season-appropriate? Better be your freaking birthday.

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Absolutely, as long as that person wasn’t only attracted to that part of me… Like an obsessive fetish.

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Depending on the fetish. Shoes, yes. Nipple tassles, no.

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Yes I would as long as their particular fetish didn’t repulse me or make me feel ridiculous. For example, I wouldn’t date a “furry” much less indulge them.

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I’m with @Neizvestnaya. I would, so long as I was comfortable with it both physically and emotionally. No furry shit, no creepy underage shit, nothing like that.

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I think that if it would get me laid, I would do it. Gladly. Fully. Whatever she wants.

The problem is that most women tell me my most attractive feature is my brain. Christ! It’s invisible. How do I dress that up? Give me a butt fetish any day.

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I guess it depends. I would have to think about the long-term patience with the fetish. I might have a hard time with somebody who wanted to spend hours on end staring at my uvula. That might hit me as too strange to tolerate over the long haul. But feet, or butt or whang—sure. I aim to please. Although I cannot imaging what I would do to make these feet “sexy”.

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Vulva fetish count?

I’d do a little dress up as long as it didn’t make me feel silly. I knew someone who had a hard time getting off unless you hit them. Not my kind of thing. I get vanilla around any strange or elaborate fetishes.

@papayalily, love your answer.

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Yeah, I think I would, provided whatever it was didn’t make me feel super ridiculous. Feeling ridiculous is a total boner-killer. Anyway, since I like turning my partner on, and I really get off by knowing they’re turned on, I’m pretty sure I could even come to enjoy playing up whatever it is.

I know it’s not even close, but I’ve had certain shirts or clothes that ex-girlfriends really liked, so I’d go out of my way to wear that piece of clothing because I knew they liked it, I knew they liked it on me specifically, and that my wearing it made them go, Hurrrr, she’s hot. So, I can totally see playing up something if my partner enjoyed it.


I would probably do my best to please and thrill the other person, given that I would be very much in love with that individual, and vice-versa. You got to do a little work sometimes to add spice to a relationship, and if that means doing things kinky, why not, if no one gets hurt in the process. Besides, I’d probably grow to love the kinkiness anyways. ;)

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As long as it didn’t involve ink or piercing, I am on board with this. ;)

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Yes… probably because I have a fetish.

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I had a dating experience with a man that, ultimately, revealed a penchant for womans underware and lingerie.

Nope, sorry….a guy in a pink thong is NOT going to contribute to my affections.

I also had a nude volleyball enthusiast.

Next. lol

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