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If you were to formulate three pillars of ancient wisdom, around what attributes might you center them? (E.g. Love, Truth, Beauty)

Asked by ronmacinnis (8points) January 2nd, 2011

Morally, socially, many in the Western world have lost their way. Greed, the great social disease of our day, holds sway in many circles. (think Wall Street.) Perhaps we need to return to the basics of ancient wisdom where we will all find guiding lights to help us navigate the stormy seas of our uncertain future.
Any suggestions?
Three will do for starters.

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Faith, Trust, Open-mindedness.

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Confucius said that the perfect man required three qualities; courage, compassion and wisdom. This seems reasonable to me.

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Do unto others as you would have done to you.

Reach out to help others in need.

Look for win-win in negotiations with others.

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Love, Justice, and Secularism.

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Logic, compassion, and justice.

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I think the Christians were right Gluttony is a sin. So I guess one pilar might be Moderation? I use it not only regarding, food, but also greed regarding spending money, consuming, emphasis on outward beauty.

Another pillar could be Integrity. It would encompass, honesty, treating others as you want to be treated, promises being kept, and work ethic.

The third would be Generosity. Pay it Forward would be part of this pillar, along with charity, and social consciousness.

At least that is what I came up with off the top of my head. Maybe I will modify it once I see some other answers.

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@JLeslie great answer- you’ve got them all.

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@faye Thanks :). I liked @troubleinharlem idea of open mindedness too. Maybe that is part of Generousity?

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Love, Logic, Laughter: the three L’s

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Wisdom begins with not-knowing. Until we can muster the humility and courage to let go of our ideas about reality, then those ideas block our native wisdom. Knowledge is useful, but only superficially and provisionally so. It’s a frozen representation—a snapshot – of a fluid, constantly unfolding reality. Wisdom requires that we discard those snapshots once they’ve served their momentary purpose and return to the touchstone of mystery.

Love would be another pillar. It’s actually a corollary of not-knowing. All that keeps us from melting into the love of the universe is our “knowledge”, ideas really, about who we are and what we like and don’t like. See past those ideas, and the welfare of the world becomes the only concern.

Attention would be the third pillar. Not-knowing and love have to be grounded in a moment-by-moment attentiveness to conditions as they present, or they’re useless.

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